Good morning, everyone.

In past visits, we’ve touched on a new group of seniors who are, for the most part, students attending Dr. Christy Kling’s Napa Valley College class for seniors called Adaptive PE.

Several of us were having a conversation after class one day about memory, and the need for classes specifically designed for seniors on how to improve our memories.

We also discussed the need for classes on computer skills, healthful eating, dealing with depression, and so many other subjects we would find interesting, exciting and stimulating.

Before you knew it, actually it’s been close to seven months, we had formed a steering committee of dedicated seniors, many professionals, under the leadership of Dr. William Weddington, retired college professor and Forensic Psychologist, who is now serving as chairman of the group we call the Napa County Alliance for Senior Education.

You will know that we are dedicated to this exciting task when I tell you that we meet weekly on campus in the Physical Education conference room.

Our mission is to redesign and enhance the quality of a long life through education using a multidisciplinary approach.” (Definition of multidisciplinary is relating to the study of one topic, involving several subjects.)

We firmly believe that it is important to stay active, to keep learning, to keep moving forward, and striving to further the idea of a program of classes that will benefit all seniors.

We’ve been fortunate in receiving encouragement and the offer of assistance from Dr. Ronald Kraft, president of Napa Valley College.

We have had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Kraft twice, and he favors the plans aimed at meeting these needs of seniors.

I hope that you are as excited as we are about the idea of a lifetime of learning.

We’ve received many suggestions on classes that seniors would be of interest in taking. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn to play bridge, for instance, but were intimidated by what you had heard about its being rather complicated. Well, the whole point of these planned workshops is that folks who will be experts in teaching seniors will be instructing us.

Besides our chairman, Dr. Weddington, our excellent leader, there is Joanne Koenig, RDM, MA, dietitian and nutritionist.

Joanne, along with Bill, was gracious in helping me with a couple of our articles in the Napa Valley Register. Many thanks, once again to Bill for his excellent help with “8 Tips on Improving Your Memory”, March 6, and to Joanne for “Eating Well for our Golden Years”, July 10, and, also, for “More Tips for Healthy Eating in Your Golden Years” July 17.

Another of our team who you may have met recently is Arnold Koenig. He has been our ‘goodwill ambassador’, meeting folks and educating them on our program target to enhance the lives of seniors and increase their vitality through education.

In addition to Bill, Joanne and Arnold, I’ll be introducing you to the rest of our group, with their notations on why they are excited to be a part of this steering committee, and what they are bringing to the table for all seniors.

Time to say goodbye. As always, it’s been a pleasure visiting with you.

Be kind to yourself and one another until we meet again next week.

Email me if you have any suggestions for workshops of interest to you.

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