I just returned from a long weekend at Dillon Beach with one of my daughters and her wonderful family, including my great-granddaughter, Emma.

Spending time with Emma is like being with a whirlwind and trying to keep up with her. She is so in love with life and everyone around her. She tells you stories that she makes up for you, and sometimes — in fact often — she gets so excited in telling you a story that she breaks into her own language, but you still understand the gist of what she’s telling you.

The company of sweet Emma and all the family was so great. Everyone was totally in the mood for the ocean, the sand, we all enjoyed long walks, usually solo, which is very cool. You get into such a lovely zone of contentment and relaxation.

All in all, it was a magical weekend.

As I write to you, my thoughts are how does one go about maintaining that lovely feeling of excitement that sweet Emma has for learning, combined with the lovely contentment that one gets from walking along the beach.

My goal is to make the rest of my life a combination of learning with the gusto of a 3-year-old, and the peace and contentment of a guru.

When I returned from the beach, I read Samie Hartley’s story in Sunday’s edition of the Register, “Seniors Retro Expo party celebrates old age”

It was a story about this year’s annual Celebrating Seniors event (called Celebrating Older Adults, this year). This marks the fourth year, with Darcey Jezycki and her team doing an amazing job for the third year. Yvonne Baginski chaired the first year and did a great job, as well.

A shout-out to Darcey. Great job. Sorry I had to miss this one.

Samie’s article is about the fun time had by seniors with the dancing and fun in the phone booth, etc., but also educating seniors on the various services that are available to them.

New to the event, this year was a community group, represented by Myrna Baldwin, retired educator, who was introducing the Napa County Alliance for Senior Education to the visitors.

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Myrna explained that the group intends to apply for nonprofit status, hopes to work with Napa Valley College to host a series of low-to-no-tuition workshops for seniors — starting next spring.

“We want to be lifelong learners, and having classes just for seniors would help with that,” Lynda says.

I also enjoy being a part of this group, and would be very grateful to you if you would email any classes that you’d be interested in taking. It would be a big favor. We are seniors looking for ideas for classes for seniors.

As always, time with you goes very quickly.

Please help with suggestions.

Certainly, in order to have the strength to do these things, we need to keep in shape.

In Adult Education, there’s a new class this year called, “Mind & Muscle.” Doesn’t that sound interesting? You exercise your mind and your muscles in this class. There is also a class in yoga, a class in strength and balance., plus many, many more. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn the Tango. Why not? We’re all pretty much the same age, learning together.

Most of these classes are held at the Napa Senior Activity Center.

Stop in and check it out.

Be kind and loving toward yourself and toward others, and we’ll meet again in a week.

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