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Today I’d like us to discuss the medical benefits of meditation.

I’ve enjoyed the process of meditation for many years, and it’s a great ‘tool’ to have in your life.

The practice allows me to focus on the present moment, and to appreciate and enjoy just that and nothing more. My body and mind become very relaxed, and when I finish meditation, I’m able to focus more clearly on decision-making.

I’ve been doing a little research on the benefits of meditation, especially for seniors, and came upon a list of the many benefits of meditation, which will improve the health of seniors.

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This information was gathered from the EOC Institute, and appeared in the Huffington Post, on “How meditation helps with senior health.” I consider it a very wonderful additional bonus for encouraging you to take up the practice. It noted:

Meditation helps memory: Long-term memory and short-term memory both become well stimulated during meditation. So our aging brains, through meditation, are ensured to retain the ability to store new memories now, as well as through our advancing years.

Meditation makes the digestive system work better: The deep breathing exercises central to any meditation program improves circulation and blood oxygen enrichment, sending extra help to all of the organs, including the stomach and intestines, allowing seniors with digestive problems to see immediate relief. In addition, meditation extra oxygen boost helps the immune system, and heals the lungs.

Meditation activates the happy part of the brain: By stimulating the “feel-good” prefrontal cortex brain region, seniors who suffer from depression can benefit greatly from meditation. With increased feeling of happiness in the mind, the aging senior can renew his or her zest for life.

  • Meditation sharpens and focuses the mind: The benefits of the practice of meditation can make the senior years just as rewarding as other life phases. We will experience better focus, more creativity, quicker wit, and it’s many times more effective than a crossword puzzle.
  • Meditation melts away stress, yielding many great benefits: Long-term stress can come from many sources, for seniors, chronic illness, disability, or the loss of a spouse. This stress can be greatly reduced after beginning a meditation program. Many experts believe meditation to be the “fountain of youth” for both the body and the brain.
  • If I have whetted your appetite for the need for a meditation program, I’m delighted to say that there is excellent help available.
  • As luck would have it, Rianda House Senior Activity Center in St Helena, 1475 Main St. has just announced that master meditation teacher, Dr. James Keolker will be doing a Special Holiday Meditation Series.
  • “Celebrating Your Own Thanksgiving through Meditation” will be given on Friday November 20 at 10 a.m.
  • “Meditation: the Best Gift Ever!” will be given on Friday, Dec. 18 also at 10 a.m.
  • Dr. Keolker was quoted as saying: “The holidays can be a very vulnerable time for seniors, and much of that stress and anxiety can be overcome with meditation. We’ll also be adding fun and joy to the experience.” Keolker also promised a special “meditation minder” for each attendee.
  • Dr. Keolker’s classes are always very popular and well attended, so if you are as interested in attending as I am, reserve space right away by phone, 707-963-8555 or on line at www.riandahouse.org
  • There is no charge for classes, but contributions to Rianda House are happily accepted. By the way, while on line to Rianda House, check out their many other excellent, available classes. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Once again, our time together is at a close, but we’ll be together again next week, and I always look forward to being with you.
  • Enjoy and feel the spirit of the holidays. Smile and greet everyone with a hello. Remember to love and appreciate one another.
  • Good-bye for now.
  • Please let me hear from you at Bettyrrhodes@sbcglobal.net

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