Welcome to the Corner. I’m very excited to be able to bring you some detailed news on the very popular Retirement Renewal Forum Series brought to our community by Forum Leader Kal Edwards, MA and his Advisory Board Members: Naomi Dreskin-Anderson, attorney specializing in issues of elders and their families; Elizabeth Glenn Bottari, MA, RN, CRNN, with over three decades of in-health care, medical fitness and wellness industry; Brian Monske, a financial advisor for SLR Financial; Dr. Marly Perkins, a licensed psychologist in private practice for 34 years; and the newest member of the team, Celebrity Chef Greg Cole, founder of the very popular Cole’s Chop House and Celadon Restaurants.

Today we’ll be introducing the third in this year’s series of Retirement Renewal Forums. You may recall the two previous forums earlier this year. “Healthy Brains”, featuring Pat Wolfe, Ed.D in March followed by: “Sleep, and The Key Element to Your Well-Being”, featuring Michael Mason, MD. Each Forum was excellent.

The Third Forum will be “Enjoy Cooking for One or Two” with Chef Greg Cole on Tuesday, September 19th, 5:30 – 7:00 pm at the Gasser Community Room at Collabria Care, 414 Jefferson Street, Napa. These Forums are presented as part of Collabria Care’s Community Conversation Series. If you are a regular at these forums, you know how quickly the Community Room fills up, so you’ll want to reserve early. Call 707-258-9087 x272 or healthedcoordinantor@collabriacare.org. By the way, this is a free community event.

I find this terribly exciting, and very timely. My family will tell you that though I would love to be able to prepare delicious meals, it just doesn’t happen, but I believe that Chef Greg Cole can change that and I’ll tell you why.

He very graciously agreed to an interview, and, as anyone knows who’s been to either of his restaurants, he really cares that you are pleased with your meal, he’s happy that you are at his restaurant, and he makes you want to return, not only for the excellent cuisine, but for his genuine hospitality and caring smile. So, needless to say, it was great fun meeting him and I firmly believe that if anyone can stir my cooking in the right direction it will be Greg Cole.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in New York, Greg Cole and his wife moved to Napa in 1985 when he went to work at Domaine Chandon wishing to learn about the wine industry. Two years later, at the age of 24, he served as the Chef at Pasta Prego, but was still interested in learning more about wines, so two years later he joined Robert Mondavi Winery. After that, a year at a micro-brewery, then he was with Robert Sinskey Winery where he worked in the cellars, cooked for guests, and went on the road selling their wines.

In 1996, he opened Celadon, the beginning of a brilliant career in which he expanded to a larger location, plus opening the only steak house at that time in Napa, Cole’s Chop House

After 30 years of cooking in Napa, Greg sold his restaurants and retired. Presently, he serves on the Board of the Napa Farmer’s Market, and also serves on the Board of the Napa Chamber of Commerce, as well as serving on the Advisory Board of the Retirement Renewal Forum.

He and his wife have two children, Sophia Jane, 20 years of age, and Larsen, 17.

Thank you, Chef Greg Cole, for a fun interview, and we will certainly be looking forward to your teaching us how to become motivated and ready to explore new cuisines, techniques and how to stock our freezers with healthy, nutritious ‘left-over’s’.

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Our congratulations to Kal Edwards, Napa Retirement Renewal Specialist, and his Advisory Board, for founding the very successful Forums. I had asked Kal if we might have a ‘sneak preview’ of the 2018 Forums. He said that the Advisory Team had just completed their selections and here they are:

March 6: “Keeping Pace with the Electronic Age”: What’s New? What’s Old? What’s Worthless?

May 1: “Challenges and Solutions of Aging in Place”: Preparing to live the life you can enjoy

September 18: “Keeping the Laughter in Our Lives”: Strategies for good health and feeling alive

Thank you, Kal. We will truly be looking forward to the 2018 selections.

Aren’t we lucky to have so many exciting programs and classes to choose from here in Napa County?

Be sure to drop by your senior centers also, and pick up the monthly program schedules. We’re beginning some new programs here in Napa, I know.

It’s Good to be a Senior in Napa County. Get out there and learn some new activities. It’s so much more fun than sitting home all day. Honest!

Take good care of yourself, and of others as well. See you next week.

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