It’s such fun for me to be visiting with you again.

Last week, we discussed a new TV show that Joann Busenbark and I are hosting, called “Seniors Rule!” Since, of course, there is no live audience, I find it difficult to pretend that the camera is really our viewers. Maybe I’ll get it someday. I hope that I will.

Anyway, it’s great fun, much like our Senior Corner. Our focus is having interesting guests to the table, with timely information and suggestions for seniors.

You can see our latest show, yon channel 28 on Monday’s at 11:30 a.m. and Saturdays at 5 p.m. for the full month. Alternatively, you can go online to www.NapaValleyTV.org, (the same date and time) and select “Live Streaming.”

I hope you will enjoy our interview with Molly’s Angels and the “Keepers of Molly’s Promise”. Executive Director Fran Rosenberg and office manager Judy Pfister, Joann and I certainly did. Fran and Judy love helping people, and that’s what Molly’s Angels is all about.

Forgive me for switching topics, but I have something wonderful to share with you once again. And that is, to be free from pain.

Take a little journey with me, please. My story is meant to encourage you if you are troubled with pain or discomfort.

I have a dream of a rheumatology doctor, Dr. Goss.

Because of my osteoarthritis, I was having difficulty walking, due to the pain. The pain meds helped some, but not a lot. My options were, possibly an oblation, or a massage-type treatment available from Susan Cislo, D.O., located in American Canyon.

Many of you know this story from the series I did a couple of months ago, but this is for the readers who might not know about this amazing practice.

I am so excited to tell you that I am now virtually without pain. Of course, there is the occasionally stiffness in the mornings, but that soon goes away.

I just wanted to share this good news with you. I’d be out in the street turning cartwheels, but I might be arrested. Maybe in another month, you’ll read a newsflash: “Crazy older lady arrested for doing cartwheels down the middle of the street.” I’d be OK with that; it would have been worth it.

Let me backtrack: I started driving down to American Canyon two months ago, once a week; later on, every 10 days, etc. as I progressed and improved. Thirty minutes on Susan’s table, and I felt as if I could float home: joints were loose, some pain, here and there, but not too bad, and each visit, my body became less and less restricted and tense. I’m at three-week intervals now. My insurance covers the treatments, and I’m a happy camper.

Bless Dr. Goss for her suggestion. I’m back at the gym, working out — never as often as I’d like to be, but I touch base when I can. I lead a very active life, which I love, but I believe you folks would probably like to know more about Susan Cislo D.O., and her practice of osteopathic medicine.

I’m happy having gone through this treatment and been successful in becoming pain-free, so I’m OK without know all the details of this treatment, but I know that some of you would be more comfortable knowing a little more about it.

I’ve researched osteopathic medicine, and this is some of what I’ve learned:

A doctor of osteopathic medicine, such as my doctor is, practices focusing on treating the “whole person” instead of a specific symptom.

Susan Cislo has received special training in the musculoskeletal system in order to better understand how that system influences the condition of all other body systems. I also learned that DOs are physicians, fully trained and licensed to prescribe medicine and to perform surgery.

Well, time has gone by rather quickly today. I hope that you will take a chance in trying to rid yourself of pain, the way that I did.

Love people who are hard to love, because you have an overabundance of love, so share it. Take care of one another, and we’ll visit again soon.

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