We may not experience the cooler temperatures that will be coming to a lot of the country in the next two months, but fall is coming to Napa. We have our own special way of decorating to mark these harvest months.

It is a busy time of year here, with bustling harvest activity and a swarm of visitors to share our lovely valley. The fall colors that will soon adorn our vines and the rich glow of autumn light will provide inspiration to make our nests cozy and warm for the inevitable winter.

A change of season calls for an update to your interior. Here are some ideas to help create that fall feeling.

We all know we can add pumpkins, gourds, and leafy wreaths to our décor. You can also add colors of brown, yellow, pumpkin, rust, or maple red here and there throughout your home to bring the outside in. Change throw pillows, area rugs, and bed and bath linen to fall colors that blend with your décor. Try grouping small pumpkins on a kitchen counter top to add fall inspiration.

Arrange a seating area in leather and little pops of color in a nook or around a fireplace if you have one. Can’t you just picture curling up with a good book in an easy chair with a throw in orange, red, or yellow—the colors of fall? You can even add wallpaper that looks like a library to enhance the feel. Check out these examples: http://www.homedit.com/bookshelf-printed-wallpaper-that-lets-you-have-an-extensive-library-without-any-books/

Speaking of comfortable seating arrangements, I am a big fan of using a banquette as part of a dining area. I especially like a curved banquette hugging a round table top. It creates intimacy and an inviting bungalow feeling.

Some people are afraid of dark walls, but painting your walls a darker color can have the effect of adding warmth to a room. Just make sure your choice of color is not too dark, or you will feel like you are living in a cave. If you are intimidated by the thought of painting an entire room a dark gray, for example, trying painting just an accent wall to get the same effect. I like Farrow & Ball’s Manor House Gray for a welcoming color that has just the right amount of darkness.

Reacquaint yourself with plaid. Plaid has found its way into both high fashion and everyday style, even becoming a staple on housewares. Nothing says fall like a plaid throw, pillow, or blanket.

With shorter days comes an increased need for lighting. Choose some warm decorative table lamps inside or a lovely lantern in your outdoor spaces to give your space a soft glow.

Finally, besides visual, a feeling of fall is heavily influenced by smells. Pumpkin pies, cinnamon apple cider, and the first burning of your fireplace are all welcome aromatic ways to make your home feel full of autumn inspiration. Consider using candles, incense, or boil a pot of spices—– cinnamon sticks, cloves, and nutmeg to instantly transport your home into fall mode.

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Deborah Macdonald is the Napa-based owner of Napa At Home, an interior design enterprise. For more information about her products and services, visit her website at napaathome.com call (707) 255-0246; or email Deborah@napaathome.com.