I am always on the lookout for cutting-edge ideas in interior design. Cutting edge is sometimes defined as “newest, most advanced version of a product or service.” But it can also mean just really great creative and innovative concepts.

Cutting-edge designs may not appeal to every taste, but you can borrow from these ideas and make them your own. Here are some original and unique designs I have found.

For example, I have seen a lot of coffee and dining table concepts lately that incorporate stones, metal, or found objects under a glass top. That’s an easy way to make a personalized statement. And, it can be done with both traditional wood designs as well as modern sleek metallic tables. Furthermore, you can change out the display when the mood strikes.

Another interesting cutting-edge idea is a beach-themed backyard fire pit area. Fire pits are a cozy space around which to gather. Why not bring in some sand around the fire pit and benches with pillows to give you that feeling of a night at the beach?

Speaking of fire pits, they are not just for backyards any more. Even if you don’t have a fireplace on the wall in your house, you can still have the look of one in the form of a table fire pit indoors. Gas, electric, and alcohol fireplaces (in liquid or gel form), are easy to use and maintain, as they do not produce ash or other waste. Alcohol fireplaces are not a permanent part of construction and can be placed in virtually any room since they do not require a chimney or venting. An indoor fire pit is the perfect mixture of modern style and traditional needs.

Many of us “telecommute” or work from home. That can be convenient, but those of us who work from home know that the downside is you can never get away from the office. There are some wonderful new ideas for backyard sheds that incorporate sliding doors and sound-proof walls for a real sense of peace and quiet to concentrate on our work and crafts.

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A book staircase is another innovative idea that makes great use of space and is attractive too. If you do not have space for a library in your house, but have a lot of books, simply line your staircase with bookshelves and have a ready-made place for all your books.

A more unusual cutting-edge idea is a see-through bathtub. There is such a thing! As long as it is kept clean, it presents a sleek modern look in any bathroom. It’s not for the modest, however!

How about a spiral wine storage area? You needn’t convert your entire basement into a wine cellar. I have seen a really cool space carved out beneath a kitchen floor in which a sleek spiral staircase is inserted with all the wines arranged in shelves. (Think of an attic space in reverse). Your choice of wine will always be in reach.

Many of us have seen the growth of living walls in outdoor and indoor designs. For the culinary aficionados in Napa, why not try a vertical (wall) herb garden in your kitchen? If you have the right wall and light, fresh herbs will be at your fingertips and make a beautiful design statement.

So go for a cutting-edge design for your next interior design project.

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Deborah Macdonald is the owner of Textured Design Napa, an interior design firm. Contact her at 707-255-0246, Deborah@textureddesignnapa.com, www.textureddesignnapa.com.