As we turn our thoughts to the coming new year, it is time to think about refreshing and reshaping our nests and creating a tranquil and serene environment as a counterpoint to these unsettled times. We want to cocoon ourselves in inviting spaces where one can escape and relax.

Here is a partial list of the trends, styles, materials, and colors for 2017 to get you started with revamping your home décor.

Fittingly, Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year represents refreshment, rejuvenation and rebirth. “Greenery,” a bright yellow-green, is meant to evoke foliage and is vibrant and bright.

As I mentioned in a previous column, black and white are very much in vogue. What is new is the pairing of those colors with metallic finishes such as antique brass hardware, bronze accents, glossy gold or stainless steel chair and sofa frames, mixed and other metals such copper, and black stainless steel appliances. For an easy way to incorporate this trend, look for metallic door pulls and cabinet knobs, or an iron and mirror combination chandelier.

In addition to the metallic trend, handcrafted, raw and natural textures such as cane, rattan, and bamboo are hugely popular. Recycled, rescued or reclaimed materials also continue to reign.

Another material that is everywhere is marble integrated into the design of bathrooms, kitchens and living room layouts.

In textiles, use functional upholstery fabrics such as those with a velvet look but in a poly blend so the fabric doesn’t “crush.” Upholstered headboards are on trend and can easily be redone and moved from room to room to suit your needs.

In terms of style, art deco furniture and embellishments continue to be hot. Trimmings such as crystallized facets and burled wood are emblematic of the new ways to do this look. The retro approach includes a little bit of a “Mad Men” feel. It is not only chairs and furniture collections, but also lighting solutions and lamps that reflect the ‘60s and ‘70s vibe right now.

The use of modern, abstract, geometric, graphic and kaleidoscope patterns complement this look and are prevalent in the new rugs being introduced this year.

While minimalist urban vibes persist, you will see the addition of natural wood grains paired with modern metal legs and the design of smaller, functional spaces. Restrained elegance and intimacy are the watchwords for cozier spaces.

In a related development, furniture and layout are becoming more modular. For example, you need not (and should not) put a sofa against the wall; you can decide wherever the center of volume should be. Create a dynamic and ever-changing ambiance with livable twists by adding pieces that can move and be regrouped, depending on your needs.

It is also important this year to create digital-free zones. Create a space devoid of digital distraction in your bedroom or a favorite nook with an oversize loveseat or daybed.

In terms of colors, elegant grays and whites, chrome, greens, oranges, butter and almond, along with rich playful color combinations are in style. Color palettes that include greens, the color of nature, health and wellness are important.

Make 2017 a fashionable, but reassuring and secure feeling year by bringing these features into your home.

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Deborah Macdonald is the owner of Textured Design Napa, an interior design firm that believes in modern livability and creates elegant interior design with a practical purpose. . Contact Deborah at 707.255.0246, Deborah@textureddesignnapa.com, www.textureddesignnapa.com, www.facebook.com/textureddesignnapa