I suspect everyone is a fan of the movie, “Casablanca,” its exotic location, its air of romance, mystery and luxuriousness. The juxtaposition of bright colors of the bazaar and soft desert light, and the combination of African, Arab and Mediterranean styles create a powerful and dreamy motif.

The blend of ethnic designs and decorative patterns and arches absorbed from different cultures are what make this way of designing special. Decorating with Moroccan inspirations is warm, sensuous, and very popular.

It is easy to bring this look into your home with tiles, doors, rugs, furniture, piereced-metal lanterns, and textiles, resulting in a unique and inviting living space.

Architectural details, such as curved wood arches and doorways, patterned window frames, high ceilings and mosaics are some of the ways to add the Moroccan influence.

Colorful, hand-painted tiles are a common material in this style. Mosaic tile and tile designs are perfect for walls, floors, kitchen backsplashes, countertops, and bathroom decorating. Any time you incorporate tiles into your décor, the look will be spectacular, colorful and impressive.

Of course, forged metal Moroccan lanterns, metal furniture, silver tea sets, serving trays, wall and mirror decorations, crafts and decorations in Moroccan style are always chic. I love the look of a brightly tiled ceiling for dramatic effect. Bathroom and kitchen fixtures made of copper or brass also reflect this style. Bringing luxurious metal materials and striking craftsmanship into living spaces are the hallmarks of Moroccan decorating.

You can also add the Moroccan feel by adding carved wood furniture in the Moroccan style. Amazing carved wood bed headboards and tables stand out. Leather and textile poufs and large floor cushions are easy ways to add just a touch of Morocco.

Window curtains in bold colors are another way to bring this style into your home, as are beautiful Moroccan carpets. Add embroidered pillows, bedding fabrics, and other textiles with different geometric patterns. A draped canopy over the bed, over a seating area, or on a ceiling surely brings in that desert tent feel.

Color is another symbol of Moroccan style. Rich blue and green color shades, reminiscent of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea are emblematic. Voluptuous reds and bright oranges remind us of the spectacular African sunsets. And, of course, golden yellow and silver are part of the desert landscape. Bring these colors in through the use of decorative pillows, rugs, and poufs.

Don’t be afraid to mix bright colors. Mix bright orange and pink successfully by painting a wall a bright orange and adding pink poufs while setting them against a sand-colored floor.

One of the great things about bringing Moroccan styles into your home is that they mix well with just about any style, since Morocco is the crossroad of many cultures. Sometimes, all you need is one element to add that luxurious and exotic look. In the modern version of decorating, use these details in your rooms to create fabulous modern interior design with the appeal of this ethnic decorating style.

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