I am sure we are not finished with the welcomed rains of winter, but I am looking forward to warmer weather and another spring in Napa.

There is a lot of talk of spring cleaning now, with the focus on vacuuming out the cobwebs, storing wool clothing, and using the warmer weather to do some deep dives into our garages and attics.

Many of us like to add small touches that bring a fresh feeling of spring to our homes. Just as we rotate linens and sweaters, so we may change our interiors for spring. I wanted to highlight how a few decorating trends can bring a taste of spring to our lives.

First, let’s address color. There has been a trend toward minimalism in design for some time now. This year, that trend takes the form of black and white in both apparel and home fashion. It is a simple, sophisticated and elegant way to decorate. It is easy to use the black-and-white theme to your rooms, by simply substituting your neutral color you already use, such as beige, as the stand-in for white, and using a chocolate brown as the stand-in for black.

Many experts suggest introducing a splash of sunshine yellow to the room this year for spring. A gorgeous yellow bowl or pitcher would do the trick. Or, pile a big stack of towels in a bright color to your bathrooms.

In addition to having bright and colorful accent pieces, bright colors are similarly in vogue in the furniture and wall color. Other than bright yellow, some popular colors this spring are turquoise, violet and coral. If you are thinking about painting an entire room a bright color but feel that may be a little too much, you could always paint your walls a neutral color such as pink champagne and violet gray, then keep the bright color choices for furniture and accent pieces.

Even if you are not quite ready for a complete remodel, gray continues to be huge in home decor. If you really want to bring spring warmth to a gray palette, enhance your room with some pastel pieces. Don’t think Easter eggs; think a versatile soft blue that will add lift to a muted gray.

Likewise, juxtaposing shiny and matte textures are a great way to show interest, even if everything is in more or less the same hue. It is very popular right now to use a shiny material, such as oxidized metal accent next to some in chalk paint. I love copper accents right now, as well.

The bohemian trend in fashion and in home decor shows no signs of slowing down. Look for macramé woven textiles to incorporate this trend for spring. Colorful embroidered and woven fabrics are also a great way to express this trend.

The industrial look is still a great look. If you don’t want your whole room or house to look like a Tribeca loft, you can still add a trestle table or artisan craft accents to add just a touch of industrial chic.

Of course, natural beauty and eco-friendly products are very important right now. Insert natural woods, and materials made with wool, jute and sea grass if you want your home to have a natural appearance without going completely “green.” And, it is always nice to bring the outside in by employing colors of beaches, water and the mountains. Try adding bold wallpaper in garden prints. Choose accessories that work outside, too, as al fresco dining comes back this time of year.

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Deborah Macdonald is the owner of Textured Design Napa (formerly Napa At Home), an interior design firm that believes in modern livability and creates elegant interior design with a practical purpose. TDN finds solutions to design challenges in unexpected places and is fluent in a wide range of styles. Contact Deborah at 707-255-0246, deborah@textureddesignnapa.com, TexturedDesignNapa.com.