Happy Fourth of July, everyone.

I hope that you are doing something fun today to celebrate the Fourth.

The kid in me is looking forward to riding the Parks and Recreation float in the parade this year. It’s such fun to be a part of the action.

Aren’t we lucky to have these wonderfully planned Fourth of July activities right here in Napa? Congratulations to all the planners.

I had an exciting adventure recently. A good friend, Joann Busenbark, invited me to join her on her Channel 28 TV Show, “Senior’s Rule!” It’s a show dedicated to bringing viewers the latest news and events of seniors’ interests. Joann is the host and producer of the show, and does a super job. My participation was not so ‘super’, but I’m eager to try for a better job next time.

You will enjoy meeting our guest, John Coates, and hearing what the director of Parks and Recreation has to say about the remodeling of the Senior Center.

You won’t want to miss enjoying listening to John’s plans for the future of the Center.

By the way, if you are unable to get Channel 28 on your TV, go to www.napavalleytv.org and select Channel 28, highlight “Senior’s Rule!” and there we are. You can, also, watch our two previous shows.

Let’s devote the rest of our time to the “feel good” things in our lives.

It’s very important to take care of our bodies. One excellent way, of course, is working out with exercise equipment, yoga, walking, stretching. In other words, keep moving. Our bodies enjoy being used. Our bodies do not enjoy being inactive, so find a way to keep your body loose, relaxed and happy. One of the worst things we can do is sitting. Sitting at the computer, sitting watching TV, sitting and riding around in a car, sitting and reading. Try to limit sitting. Take a break, stand up, walk around, do some stretching, drink some water before you get back to your sitting. Make a point of taking these breaks often.

Meditation and journaling are two more of my ‘feel good’ activities. Each one is very helpful on a personal level. Meditation can become one of your best friends. Health wise, it’s amazing. It lowers blood pressure, improves blood circulation, lowers heart rate and you will experience less stress, deeper relaxation, plus it just gives you an amazing feeling of connection with the universe. I know, that sounds pretty out there. But, sometimes, after a really good night’s sleep, when you awaken, and feel marvelous, you stretch your body and feel that life just doesn’t get any better than the way I’m feeling right now.

Journaling is another way of making contact with your inner self. It’s amazing how the words flow from your pen, often without your thinking about what you’re writing until you read it a little later. This, again, is wonderful in helping us to know ourselves better, and thus, making wiser decision for what is best for ourselves. We can trust it to be right for us. Find your ‘inner voice’, and listen to it. It will help you to find your “bliss.”

It was lovely to be with you. Stay cool. Remember that “love” is the answer, so know it and show it.

See you again soon.

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