Shown above in this circa 1946 photo are the new Eagle Scouts of Napa’s Troop 10. From left, bottom row: Larry Dent, Ray McCann, Lee Chesnutt, Gil Pighini, Bob Riordan, and Paul Cassayre. Top row: Fred Scheuer, Richard Kuehle, Lloyd Gimple and William Head.

Paul Cassayre of Napa, a 1948 graduate and classmate of mine at Napa Union High School, and a continuing close friend and compatriot, recently sent me an email and photograph of a group of Napa Boy Scouts of long ago.

Ray McCann, Class of 1947 at Napa High, had sent the photograph, along with a draft article, to Cassayre.

I was not a Boy Scout but was acquainted with all of these young men and was very close friends with most of them.

I have taken the liberty of including both the photograph and McCann’s article, with minor alterations, in this essay. His article follows:

“Seventy years ago, in February of 1946, Napa’s Boy Scout Troop Number 10 (presently inactive) conferred the rank of Eagle Scout on 10 young men. Few scout troops can boast such an accomplishment. It may not be a record, but would certainly deserve honorable mention. At the time, Napa’s population was approximately 10,000 and World War II had just ended.

“… This large, active troop met at St. John the Baptist Parish hall and counted more than 60 scouts. The Troop was led by Scout Master Laurence Dalciet and Assistant Scout Master, Carl Franco, who was the driving force behind the troop and composer of its theme song sung to the tune of ‘The Beer Barrel Polka’:

“We are the Boy Scouts of Troop Number 10 in Napa California.

We are the Boy Scouts of Troop Number 10, who want to entertain you.

It’s singing and scouting from start to the end, the best within our area.

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Everybody here we welcome, so hip, hip, hurray from Troop 10 of Napa.

By our motto we will closely stand,

To be prepared tis the slogan best in the land.

Although carefree, happy as can be

The world is very blue, be prepared we say to you

Buy bonds today and give us victory.”

Thanks, Ray, for your thoughts and your words, and thanks, Paul, for sending them on to me.

Added note: It has been several months since the Register published my last “Napa As It Was” essay on the old days in my hometown of Napa. For many years, I have met my self-imposed deadline of an article every two weeks but, lately, though physically able to put words on paper, I have been lacking in motivation — or something. So my submissions have been limited and will probably be even more limited henceforth.

For now, I wish all of you my best.

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