Highest Honors

Troy Abbs

Sanna Anderson

Lily Andrews

Evangeline Apostolopoulos

Sofia Bennett

Stella Borzoni

Neela Bose

Olivia Bui

Clara Bunker

Samantha Carey

Brynna Cohee

Juliet Cuevas

India de Vere

Gracie De Fina

Soren DeYoung

Sydney Dommen

Austin Dragoo

Trester Dyke

Ben Freeto

Allison Gass

Paige Helms

Drew Hummer

Jacob Imhoff

Sean Johnson

Yasmine Kumar

Claire Lawrence

Ethan Lewis

Chelsea Luna

Nathan Luna

Tommy Malloy

Colt Maloney

Ainsley McNicoll

Griffin Messenger

Marco Moschetti

Tatum Newell

Brooklyn Perez

Shahub Razavi

Sterling Schwarz

Jack Shea

Sam Smith

Olivia Sweet

Olivia Umutyan

Charlie Vaziri

Charlie Wenzel

Ariel Winkler

Eva Winkler

Sienna Yoo

Sloan Zaninovich


Ivy Alexander

Marco Barbosa

Matteo Bettinelli

Noah Bezmarevich

Giulia Boldrini

Abrielle Caceres-Reed

Madelyn Ceceres-Reed

Grayson Cushing

Dryden De Vere

Riley Dommen

Ben Dorsey

Diego Flores

Faith Fradella

Lucas Gass

Juliana Giovannoni

Luca Giovannoni

Savannah Healy

Gabe Holloran

Abigail Johnson

Jack Keller

Nico LaMonica

Sammy LaMonica

Liam McCarthy

Donovan Messner

Isabella Moore

Abigail Munoz

Dugan Perotti-Kline

Ava Piersig

Elizabeth Quick

Trey Sanderlin

Jack Sordi

Vivian Sweet

Aaron Teeters

Audrey Teeters

Ian Venegas

Will Walter

Sarah Zinghkang

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