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Geocaching is a real world, outdoor adventure game where players use a free mobile app or a GPS device to find cleverly hidden containers (or caches) around the world. Some containers hold little trinkets or other goodies that can be taken or traded. There are no signs posted, only clues to decipher and coordinates to follow.

Here’s a list of 10 geocaches in the Napa area. You’ll need a GPS device or geocache phone app to find them.  Visit for more info.

GCX33W Maries's Trees

This geocache is hidden, or camouflaged. It looks like part of tree. Located near old Marie Callender's Restaurant & Bakery.

GC9B89 Can You Hear Me Now?

This virtual Geocache (statue/plaque) teaches about Napa being birthplace Loudspeaker and Magnavox Corp. Located near La Strada.

GCP1H7 Calistoga Natural

Location: hidden on old truck on Calistoga Beverage Company lot. Located on Silverado Trail.

GCG959 High Caliber

Another great camo (camouflaged) job – it’s a sticker with log on back. Located near Lincoln and Solano Ave.

GCGH00 Napa's History #1

This virtual geocache (visit gravestones) teaches about influential people of Napa's Past. Located in Tulocay Cemetery.

GC1XCYF Rattlesnake Spring

This earthcache teaches about Artesian and Non-Artesian Springs. Located HWY 29 going towards Lake County.

GC1B85Z Old Faithful of California

This earthcache teaches about geysers. Located IN Old Faithful Garden (admission required)

GCY1NN The Old Paradise Park

This geocache is found in an ammunition can. Located at Entrance of Bothe State Park.

GCWRQE Oreo Colored Cows' Milk Must Taste Great With 'Em!

This geocache brings you near the Oreo Cows on Golden Gate Dr.

GC111 Napa County's First Geocache

This is reportedly the first geocache placed in Napa. Hike in Skyline Park. (Check to see if the park is open before trying to find this one.)

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Since 2000, when geocaching officially began, there are now approximately 3 million active geocachers worldwide, with more than 830,000 active users in the U.S., including the local FROGS group members.

“Geocaching is a game that reveals a world beyond the everyday, where the possibility of a new discovery hides under park benches, in the forest and probably a short walk from where you are right now,” said the website.

According to, there are more than 2.8 million geocaches waiting to be found in over 180 countries.

Geocaching basics

-A geocacher hides a geocache, lists it on and challenges other geocachers to find it.

-Geocaches usually contain a small logbook. After signing, finders log their experience on or with the Geocaching app.

-Some geocaches contain small trinkets such as stickers, figurines or buttons to trade.

-Geocaches are put back where they were found for the next geocacher.

-Geocaches are typically not buried.