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Napa Open Space District wants smaller climate footprint

The Napa County Regional Park and Open Space District is talking the climate change-combating talk, but is also resolving to walk the walk, down to such small steps as insulating park buildings.

Napa Valley harvest report: A smoky, sobering end to harvest

As the 2019 harvest nears its end, growers’ satisfaction with the quality of their grapes was tempered by their concern for Sonoma County residents facing a catastrophic wildfire that’s also threatening the northern end of Napa County.

Breathing in Napa's afternoon air was like smoking 2 cigarettes

Napa County's usually clear skies have been hazy with fallen ash from the Kincade Fire in Sonoma County, and air quality has plummeted.


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From the editor: The dull routine of disasters

Is it possible for disaster to become routine?

Napa Journal: Blindsided by PG&E

“Historically” strong winds were forecast last weekend. Another big power shutdown was set for Saturday evening.

Commentary: Be thankful you don't work for President Trump

The occupant of the Oval Office has got to be on the list of worst bosses ever.

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