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Napa Police, district attorney investigating accusations of sexual misconduct by former youth minister of Hopewell church

Former members of Hopewell Baptist Church are questioning the church's response to allegations of sexual impropriety of a youth pastor. 

Even as demand for childcare surges, Napa's preschools and daycare centers struggle

Childcare in Napa - already unaffordable for many - may become less accessible as existing facilities struggle during the pandemic or close altogether.

Napa County gets $34.4 million, city $6.3 million in PG&E fire settlement

Pacific Gas & Electric will pay Napa County $34 million and the city of Napa $6.3 million for damage caused by the October 2017 wildfires.


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Still no clarity on style for racial names

The question of how to approach racial descriptors remains a difficult one, Editor Sean Scully says.

Napa Journal: They don't make summers like this anymore

City Editor Kevin Courtney recalls a string of summers in his boyhood that live on in memory. 

California’s looming wildfire threat requires a cleaner, more resilient electrical grid

California’s electrical grid is getting cleaner, but it is still not well positioned to deal with a changing climate with its web of decades-old poles and wires, two researchers say.

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