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Napa's food trucks offer what restaurants cannot

Food trucks on the 1500 block of Soscol offer menu items like Flaming Hot Cheeto tacos and pupusa.

Napa County would have been different if these big dreams had come true

Futurists once imagined BART to Napa, a far larger Lake Berryessa, a university in Calistoga ... and more.

Napa-Fairfield commute is bad, but there's hope

Several traffic choke points complicate the daily commute between Napa and Fairfield.


Compelling insights from the heart of our community.

Listen to their stories

Editor Sean Scully remembers one of the veterans we profiled in our 2019 They Served With Honor series. Harold Bunnell, 96, died Jan. 2.

Napa Journal: Falling from ladders

A half million Americans injure themselves in ladder falls annually. Cheryl worries I will be one of them. 

My month without the internet

Author Diana Wagman says she didn't realize how addicted she was until she was forced to go a month without Internet access.

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