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Many California farmworkers fear a winter of hunger and homelessness amid the pandemic

Already, the coronavirus has sickened many agricultural workers, and sent others home to quarantine, often without pay despite new rules offering it.

American Canyon wary of becoming Napa Valley's gas 'pit stop'

American Canyon wants Highway 29 to have enough — but not too many — gas stations.

Napa County still slowly recovering from the 2017 wildfires

Napa County is still recovering from the October 2017 wildfires, with 73 homes rebuilt out of 655 destroyed.


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Thomas D. Elias: Housing likely to highlight the 2022 ballot

If liberals continue to push extreme ideas in Sacramento, voters will keep going to the polls to stop them, columnist Tom Elias says.

Napa Journal: When a restaurant won't let you dine inside

Sometimes you don't get the vacation you want. You get the vacation you need.

Reviewing the state ballot measures

The Editorial Board reviews the ballot measures on this fall's ballot.

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