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City-county deal, new law could move up Napa Pipe groundbreaking to 2020

An agreement between Napa city and county – fostered by a bill working its way through the state Capitol – may kick-start work on the Napa Pipe housing and retail development as soon as next year.

Water tastes or smells funny? Napa's grand jury wants cities to further address this issue

A grand jury investigation concludes that residents in Napa County’s cities can drink tap water without fear of contaminants, though they might sometimes find the taste hard to swallow.

Here's the story behind some familiar Napa sights

Take a look around Napa and there are plenty of oft-seen sights with overlooked, behind-the-scenes stories.


Compelling insights from the heart of our community.

From the Editor: Our uneasy companion

Fire is a useful tool but it is also a historic menace. Residents of ancient villages and cities lived in fear of fire, started by candles, lamps, cooking fires and natural sources.

Napa Journal: Surviving a hot Napa weekend

Last weekend’s scorching temperatures, not to mention dirty air from the wildfire in Yolo County and the threat of PG&E pulling the plug, took their toll on the Courtney household.

Thomas D. Elias: Will California ratepayers become victims of wildfires?

Recent moves by the state utilities commission to hold power companies accountable might be no more than a smokescreen. The aim, it appears, has been to make the commission and the utilities whose wishes it usually carries out look like responsible public servants, when that may not be true.

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