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Napa Valley harvest report: Harvest ends with high quality, no drama

As another Napa Valley harvest ends, growers look back on an exceptional year.

Napa Valley harvest report: Entering the home stretch

Napa Valley growers can't believe their good luck as a smooth, drama-free harvest nears its end, with reports of outstanding flavor concentration.

Napa Valley harvest report: 'The finish line is in sight'

The 2021 grape harvest is in its final weeks as growers bring in Cabernet Sauvignon.


Compelling insights from the heart of our community.

Bringing government meetings into the 21st century

A new bill in Sacramento would continue pandemic-era remote meetings, but the devil is in the details, the Editorial Board says.

Editorial: A turning point for Napa law enforcement

Napa's residents and officers deserve a dynamic and innovative police chief to lead them into a new era, the editorial board says.

Editorial: All of Napa County needs to face the real threat of wildfire

Our way of life is under threat and we need to start taking fire danger seriously, the Napa Valley Register editorial board says.

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