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Napa County's Rep. Thompson tours Texas detention facility

Rep. Mike Thompson saw firsthand last weekend conditions in an overcrowded Texas migrant detention center along the Mexico border and concluded that death row prisoners receive better treatment than the detainees.

Lawsuit: State knew about Vets Home safety concerns 7 years before deadly Pathway shooting

A private security consultant warned of safety risks at The Pathway Home 7 years before the shooting, a lawsuit contends.

Customer 'shocked' after unlicensed Napa roofer left beer cans on leaky, unfinished roof

The Napa DA is investigating a roofing company for operating with an expired contractors license as complaints piled up on Yelp.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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From the Editor: Living life in a small town

Living in a big city has many attractions, ut it’s also an experience of being surrounded by strangers all day

Napa Journal: Pull off a surprise birthday party? What are the odds?

Two years ago, I ventured north to Lake Shasta to meet Cheryl’s two best friends from her Southern California childhood.

Dan Walters: California: Shining example or third-world state?

Recent weeks have seen a debate of sorts about the image and reality of contemporary California.

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