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The City of American Canyon has contracted with the Napa County Sheriff's Office to provide police services since its founding in 1992.

A man allegedly driving a car stolen from a dealership kept a handwritten schedule with notes to eat breakfast, "hit" clothing and retail stores and "smoke dope," police say.

American Canyon Police Department officers eventually encountered the man after responding to a call of a suspicious couple at the local Safeway grocery store around 4 p.m. Thursday, according to a department press release. The caller said the couple appeared to be loading a shopping cart with intent to complete a "push out" theft, or pushing the cart out of the store without paying.

The couple abandoned the cart instead and left in a white pickup before officers arrived, police say. Police pulled over the white Chevrolet for a traffic violation as it turned northbound onto Highway 29. Officers found the car was an unreported stolen vehicle out of a Fairfield car dealership, police say.

Officers found retail clothing items that they suspected to be stolen inside the car. Police continued to search the truck and arrested 27-year-old Matthew Wedebrand, who does not have a fixed address, on suspicion of possessing the stolen truck, police say.

They continued searching, found the schedule and took it as evidence. Police said they determined Natalie Montecarlo, his 34-year-old passenger who does not have a fixed address, was working with him and arrested her, too.

Wedebrand and Montecarlo told officers they had recently arrived to California from Arizona. The couple was arrested on suspicion of felonies related to possessing stolen property, organized retail theft, conspiracy, possession of a stolen car, and misdemeanors related to a fraudulent credit card, theft and possessing a meth pipe, police say.

The car was returned. American Canyon Police officers are reaching out to retailers in Napa and Vallejo, who were identified in his list, in an attempt to figure out where the items were stolen from.

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