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B12 LOVE, an IV infusion 'wellness lounge,' comes to downtown Napa

B12 LOVE, an IV infusion 'wellness lounge,' comes to downtown Napa


A “wellness lounge” just opened in downtown Napa. Its managers are hoping that both locals and visitors will give it shot.

Called B12 LOVE, the “natural medi-spa” offers nutrient injections and IV drips to “energize, enhance, and nourish your life,” said the company.

At Napa’s B12 LOVE, clients can choose from a menu of vitamin “cocktail” injections and IV infusions. The formulas contain various blends of vitamin B12 and other nutrients, said the company. Vitamin B12 helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy.

“Clients have been asking us to expand into wine country for years, so it’s incredibly gratifying to have it finally come to fruition,” said founder & CEO, Dr. Shannon Wood Gallegos, a Naturopathic Doctor or ND.

Jason Servatius, ND, is currently director of operations at the Napa location, and plans to eventually become its owner. “A lot of hard work and sweat” went into the opening, he said.

A “wellness lounge” just opened in downtown Napa. Called B12 LOVE, the “natural medi-spa” offers nutrient injections and IV drips to “energize, enhance, and nourish your life,” said the company.

“With the current state of the world, and especially as people begin to travel and work outside the home again, everyone is looking for ways to strengthen their immune system, detox their bodies, relieve stress, and maintain energy," said Wood Gallegos. "Our clinics help people at all stages of health gain a sense of balance and wellness.”

The business currently has six lounges in the Bay Area.

During a visit on Thursday to the Napa B12 LOVE location, Servatius and Emily Crichton, RN, were both on hand to explain what B12 LOVE offers.

“Our mission is to make it accessible, easy and convenient for people to get a boost of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and hydration,” said Crichton, who is the marketing manager for the business. Customers can make an appointment or walk-in, she explained.

The space, located at 1428 Second St., next to the downtown post office, is meant to feel like a spa, said Crichton, “relaxing and inviting.”

Private treatment rooms are available, as well as a separate IV suite with reclining chairs, a TV monitor playing “moving art” videos, drinks, and snacks.

According to the B12 LOVE website, (, customers choose from more than 30 “signature nutrient injections” and 15 nutrient IVs, “all formulated to promote healthy, balanced living.”

For example, the “Busy Bee Antiviral” injection ($45) “may help to strengthen and maintain the immune system.” Nutrients include B12, L-Lysine and B-Complex.

The “Sleep Like a Baby on Cloud Nine” injection ($45) is described as “a calming shot that may improve the quality of sleep, as well as help with positive dreaming.” Nutrients include B12, Taurine and MIC (Methionine, Inositol, and Choline) or vitamin B6.

A basic B12 shot is $30.

While they are not a replacement for a healthy diet and lifestyle, “IV vitamin drips are a fantastic way to provide your body with long-lasting nutrients and hydration,” reads the B12 LOVE website. “Drips can help you achieve sustained energy, immune support, pain relief, and an overall sense of balance.”

The “Immune Booster” IV infusion ($195) includes “a solid mix of vitamin C, B vitamins and amino acids for regular maintenance of a strong immune and adrenal system.”

The “Kick Butt Immune” IV infusion ($250) includes a “giant hit of high-dose nutrients (to) aid your immune system and support overall wellness. Recommended monthly for those who travel regularly, have chronic conditions, or are managing lots of stress.”

Such IV vitamin treatments are becoming more popular as celebrities, athletes and others tout the effects. For visitors to Napa Valley, or those who have overindulged in wine or spirits, getting rehydrated intravenously might be exactly what they need.

"For the most part, people report feeling better after these treatments because it's a rapid way to receive hydration," said Dr. Sam Torbati, MD, co-chair of emergency medicine at Cedars-Sinai in a 2019 post on

"If you've been sick or out drinking, you're dehydrated — so hydrating will make you feel better,” said the medical doctor.

However, most people can get the nutrients they need from food or a multivitamin, said the physician.

"The most important thing they're getting is water with salt, which you could get from a sports drink," said Torbati.

For those who may be skeptical about such a service, Servatius and Crichton addressed what they said were common misconceptions about B12 LOVE.

First, the nutrients give you energy, but “not a Red Bull” caffeinated kind of charge, Crichton said. “It’s a natural, fresh balance,” she said.

In fact, some nutrients are designed to aid relaxation and decrease stress, she said. It depends on what the client is looking for.

Aside from the occasional bruise or soreness, “by and large, there aren’t issues with side effects,” said Servatius.

Crichton noted that B12 shots and similar therapies have been used for decades, for example, by professional athletes.

“This is not a new thing,” she said. “We’re just trying to make it modern and accessible.”

The company chose downtown Napa because “we’re right in the middle of it all,” said Servatius. He credits local commercial real estate broker Joe Fischer for helping them find the location.

Servatius said he’s hoping to attract both the locals and the visitors staying in nearby hotels.

“We’re trying to be a true health resource for the community,” said Crichton.

The business also offers rapid COVID-19 testing. B12 LOVE in Napa plans to add naturopathic consultations and aesthetics to its services.

“We can offer something for everyone who walks in the door,” said Servatius. “That’s the beauty of what we do.”

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