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If you renewed your driver’s license in the last six months and haven’t received it yet, you may finally get it in the mail soon from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

The DMV acknowledged on Monday that about 150,000 customers have yet to receive licenses they paid for as far back as September. The error was much greater than the department realized when customers complained about missing licenses.

The issue affects customers who renewed online or by mail between September 2018 and early February 2019 for licenses with an expiration date between Jan. 20 and May 31.

Last week, the department believed the errors were limited to several thousand customers who paid immediately after getting their renewal notices in the mail.

The department had sent renewal notices earlier than usual, and its initial review suggested that the problem centered on customers who paid for licenses at least four months in advance of their expiration dates.

Instead, the department discovered the error affected a broader range of customers who paid to renew licenses since September. It did not affect customers who renewed licenses in person at DMV offices.

“Unfortunately, this well-intentioned effort to help our customers created unforeseen complications in renewals conducted online and by mail that resulted in the new license not being issued,” the DMV said in a written statement.

Employees worked through the weekend to address the problem and make sure that it is processing delayed licenses. Over 100,000 of the 150,000 driver licenses and ID cards have been processed, according to the DMV.

The department has created an online form allowing customers to request the status of their cards. It expects to have updated all the records updated by the end of Tuesday, and customers should receive new cards within two to three weeks.

The DMV has also alerted law enforcement of the mistake, so people affected by the error who are driving with an expired or soon-to-be expired license do not need to worry about being ticketed.

“The DMV apologizes for any inconvenience this issue might have caused and is committed to quickly resolving this issue,” the department said.

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