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The Napa City Council directed a consultant to turn in additional comments regarding the county’s Napa Pipe project on the city’s behalf.

The comments pertain to the county’s supplemental draft environmental impact report, which adds information to an existing environmental document.

Napa Pipe is a proposed 2,580-home project on a 154-acre industrial site off of Kaiser Road. The development also would include retail and restaurants, a condominium hotel, offices, industrial space and most recently, a school.

The city had numerous concerns with the original draft environmental impact report. The supplemental report raised yet more problems, said Harry Burrowes, president of HB Consulting Group.

Still unclear, he said, is:

• whether the project will use groundwater or surface water

• have its wastewater processed on-site or elsewhere

• how it will deal with other issues

“The city comments, no matter how alarmist, cannot change the basic, independently verified fact that we have two viable sources of water, each far in excess of the project’s needs,” Napa Pipe developer Keith Rogal said Thursday. He added that the project also has two viable wastewater options.

According to the city, the supplemental environmental report also fails to address new traffic conditions that a proposed Highway 221 flyover at its intersection with Highway 29 will create. And the city disagrees that the proposed school site is the best place for a school.

Rogal views the project’s traffic impacts more positively. “Less traffic will result from the proposed plan than would from the currently allowed industrial alternative (no matter what Caltrans plans for a Highway 221 flyover),” he said.

The addition of a school site was a voluntary contribution, Rogal said, adding that “ultimately it will be for the school district to decide.”

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