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Collective Napa Valley: Vintners unveil a new year-round fundraising plan

From the Napa Valley Wine Insider Digest: June 19, 2021 series
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Meadowood Napa Valley 2020

Auction Napa Valley in 2019 at Meadowood Napa Valley was the last year for that annual fundraiser. Napa Valley Vintners have announced the new format for their philanthropic fundraising, Napa Valley Collective, which will expand to year-round events to "broaden the tent." 

Napa Valley Vintners have announced the new framework for their philanthropic fundraising, a year-round endeavor, Collective Napa Valley.

In 2020, the Vintners announced they would be ending their annual Auction Napa Valley, which since 1981 has raised millions of dollars to support the community.  They subsequently spent the past year "re-imagining" this new format.

More details will be forthcoming, representatives said in a Zoom announcement, but the first Collective Napa Valley event is scheduled for June 1-5, 2022 and will include a Napa Futures Auction, in addition to other activities. 

The first weekend of June was traditionally the date for the annual Auction Napa Valley, the fundraiser that inspired charity wine auctions around the U.S. In recent years about 800 guests attended the actual auction, the culmination of several days of events including vintner hosted dinners and the popular Barrel Auction, which generally drew about 2,000. Auction Napa Valley was cancelled in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The auction was small but it the impact was big,"  said John Hamilton, a community board member of the Vintners. "We wanted a bigger tent to make an even bigger impact.

"We are extremely proud and humbled by the more than $200 million given to care for and support the Napa Valley community over the last 40 years," Hamilton added. "Through Collective Napa Valley, we will come together more often and each endeavor will be tied to an established financial target with a specific theme for giving.” 

"It was one weekend, one tent,"  said Stacy Dolan Capitani, vice president of market for the Vintners. "There are so many people who love Napa Valley. And they are from all over the world."

By going to a year-round series of seasonal events, the valley's wine community hopes to "connect with a broader and more diverse consumer audience," Dolan Capitani said. "Anyone who likes to open a bottle of wine on a Friday night should be able to participate."

“Our vision with Collective Napa Valley is to expand our wine community and to provide a variety of ways throughout the year to engage Napa Valley wine consumers in our backyard and anywhere in the world,” said Blakesley Chappellet, Auction Napa Valley past chair and co-leader of the Auction Napa Valley reimagining committee.

The Vintners are still working on the details of this new, multi-faceted platform but said the seasonal campaigns will include in-person fundraising endeavors such as harvest gatherings, private winery dinners and vintner-led experiences, as well as virtual events. They also are planning opportunities "to take Napa Valley on the road to domestic and international markets to broaden the Collective and its philanthropic spirit."

“As with any new undertaking, we expect Collective Napa Valley to grow and evolve over time," said Jack Bittner, managing partner at OVID Napa Valley and chairman of the board of directors for the Napa Valley Vintners. "We are committed to remaining open to new and innovative methods to share our wines and raise funds for the Napa Valley community.” 

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