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A 27-year-old Vallejo man was sentenced to three years in state prison in Napa County Superior Court on Wednesday after pleading no contest to felony pimping last year.

Martin Johnny McCall entered the plea in November, a year after being arrested on suspicion of pimping in American Canyon. At the time of his arrest, McCall was giving his girlfriend rides to meet “dates” they had setup in advance online, according to court documents.

Seeing the woman’s listing online, a police officer had arranged to meet with her at the hotel a few days later, according to the probation officer’s report. In addition to a time and place, they also agreed to a price of $500 for two hours and decided who would bring the condoms.

The woman and McCall both showed up at the hotel, where surveillance was set up in the parking lot, in a sedan on the night of the meeting, Nov. 15, 2016. The woman got out of the car and, minutes later, knocked on the agreed upon hotel room door. Officers stopped her and McCall in their vehicle as they were leaving the hotel a short time later.

Officers located three cell phones, a wallet and a purse containing two condoms inside the car.

Both were arrested and later questioned by police.

McCall told officers that he and his girlfriend were having a hard time paying the bills, so this is what she decided to do in order to make some money, according to the probation report. He insisted that he wasn’t pimping anyone else and that it had only been temporary.

McCall’s girlfriend said that she went to the hotel to “hang out” with someone, the report says. She said that they would possibly have drinks, possibly go back to the room and that if anything happened that it would be between two consenting adults. She told officers that McCall was not her pimp – that he didn’t provide her any protection and that she didn’t give him any money.

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She then provided police with the security codes for the phones, one of which revealed evidence of other dates being made for her.

After pleading no contest to the felony pimping charge Nov. 6, McCall was later interviewed at the Napa County Probation Department. During the interview, he said that he had made a “mistake” and that it would “never happen again.” He said he wasn’t sure if he was “prison material,” according to the probation report.

He expressed concern about his ailing father and his two young children whom he will miss while in prison.

McCall was remanded to custody following the sentencing.


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