The Napa County Office of Education announced the completion of a solar carport installation at the administrative office and adjacent Camille Creek Community School campus, located at 2121 Imola Ave.

The 233 kW solar system will generate approximately 306,936 kilowatt hours of clean energy per year and is expected to save taxpayers more than $1.6 million over the next 25 years, officials announced.

The system, which cost $825,000, is estimated to offset approximately 15 million pounds of carbon dioxide over the 25-year life of the system, which is equivalent to taking 80 cars off the road or getting the carbon sequestration of planting 130 acres of trees, NCOE said in a news release.

NCOE will be installing electric vehicle charging stations. In addition, the project includes much-needed shade for parking, and improved lighting for evening events, NCOE said.

“This project enhances the long-term financial health of the County Office of Education and redirects those savings toward other priorities for our programs that serve students,” said Napa County Superintendent of Schools Barbara Nemko. “The solar project also allows us to set an example of environmental responsibility for our students and families.”

The contractors for the project were selected through the SEED Fund (Sustainable Energy and Economic Development Fund), a group procurement program for solar photovoltaic systems for municipal agencies and special districts. The SEED Fund uses a revolving fund mechanism to defray upfront costs for participants and provides unbiased technical and financial analysis to help agencies evaluate photovoltaic procurement options. A total of thirteen public agencies in Napa, Sonoma and Marin counties participated in the procurement along with NCOE.

The lead developer was SolEd Benefit Corp, a public benefit corporation, and the installation was done by Danlin Solar. The project was paid for through a combination of Proposition 39 California Clean Energy Jobs Act funds, NCOE’s General Fund, and a private investment arranged through SolEd.