The former elementary school custodian accused of peeping was arrested again last week after police say they found stolen district property.

Napa resident Juan Manuel Rodriguez was first arrested the night of Oct. 4, after a man allegedly found him peeping in the window of his neighbor, a woman who claimed she had heard sounds outside of her window before, according to the Napa Police Department. A consensual search of his phone revealed nude photos of the woman and a photo of a child's genitalia.

He was arrested on suspicion of a felony charge of possessing matter depicting a minor, plus misdemeanor charges related to peeking and violating probation and bailed out Saturday afternoon.

Rodriguez ultimately resigned from his job as a Vichy Elementary custodian, though the Napa Valley Unified School District moved to terminate him as soon as charges were filed, said Stacy Rollo, a spokesperson for the district.

Last Tuesday, Rodriguez, 41, was arrested again after detectives conducted a probation search and recovered stolen Napa Valley Unified School District property, according to Napa Police Lt. Gary Pitkin. 

The items were mostly maintenance equipment, as far as the district knows, said Cass Caulfield, a district spokesperson.

Pitkin said officers also found what they suspect may be a student's lunchbox and returned a stolen, high-end Cannondale bicycle to its owner.

He was arrested on suspicion of stolen property charges, Pitkin said.

This story has been modified since first posting to reflect Rodriguez' current status with the Napa Valley Unified School District.

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