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Napa urologist Dr. James Hendricks has been prohibited from practicing medicine after testing positive for ingesting alcohol while on probation.

“I’m sorry to my patients and the community that this has happened,” said Hendricks in a phone interview on Thursday afternoon. “My patients’ well-being and safety has always been my top priority.”

In 2013, Hendricks was sentenced by the Medical Board of California to four years’ probation following a DUI charge from 2011.

His probation terms include abstaining completely from the use of alcohol, enrolling in an ethics course and undergoing therapy. During the probation period, Hendricks was able to continue to practice medicine, but would undergo random drug screenings and was not allowed to supervise physician assistants.

According to a Sept. 14 cease practice order from the Medical Board, Hendricks tested positive for drinking alcohol on Aug. 1.

“After over three years of rigorous alcohol testing, I only recently had a few drinks when I was not on duty” while on vacation, said Hendricks.

According to the Medical Board letter, Hendricks “shall not resume the practice of medicine until a final decision has been issued.” No date was given for that final decision.

Hendricks was stopped close to midnight July 12, 2011, by the California Highway Patrol on Highway 221 south of Imola Avenue after driving approximately 20 mph over the speed limit and weaving within the lane, according to documents filed by the state Medical Board. Hendricks had a blood alcohol content of .17 percent, according to the Medical Board.

In November 2011, Hendricks pleaded no contest to the DUI charge in Napa County Superior Court and was sentenced to serve four days in custody, to pay a fine, and to comply with standard conditions of probation for five years, according to the Medical Board.

After receiving notice of the arrest, the Medical Board initiated its own investigation.

Hendricks, who practices at Napa Valley Urology Associates, was issued his Physician’s and Surgeon’s Certificate by the state Medical Board in September of 1998.

Hendricks said he remains one of the owners of the business.

Hendricks had never been the subject of any license disciplinary action, according to the Medical Board, and he admitted responsibility early in the proceedings.

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