Napa Earth Day Festival 2019 (copy)

The Napa County Bicycle Coalition offered dozens of refurbished bikes for sale at discounted prices Sunday during the city's annual Earth Day festival, with proceeds to support children's bike safety programs.

Organizers of Napa Earth Day 2019 practiced what they preached last month.

An estimated 93 percent of the materials generated from the event – such as food scraps, cardboard, napkins and more - were recycled or composted. Only 7 percent of festival waste went to the landfill, the city of Napa reported.

Compostable or recyclable serviceware was required by all vendors and 800 reusable bottles were provided with a water bar for refills (no bottled water permitted).

The event was organized by the Environmental Education Coalition of Napa County, with all proceeds going to bus grants – including all drink sales. All wine and beer sold was donated by Stone Brewing, Tannery Bend, Trade Brewery, Napa Smith, Napa Palisades, and the Vintners Association.

About 75 organizations were represented at the festival.

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