It’s here, it’s here!

I have heard radio ads for it, seen Facebook sponsor posts, received email notifications and more. It’s almost the day.

What day is that? Well, Earth Day of course.

Every year, April 22 is dedicated to focusing on the Earth and how we can reduce our environmental impacts and improve the quality of life locally and globally.

It is a day that people come together to celebrate this one planet that we have—in all its glory and AH-mazingness. (I personally hope it is an extension of every day.)

Come celebrate the earth at Earth Day Napa, this coming Sunday at the Oxbow Commons. There will be lots of hands-on education activities, crafts, games, local bands, and amazing dancers, plus more. Plenty to keep the whole family, or individual, entertained. In addition to the great activities, enjoy some delicious local food, beer, and wine. Proceeds from beverage sales at Earth Day fund the field trip bus grant program run by the Environmental Education Coalition of Napa County, the event host.

Stop in and say hi to local organizations and vendors who will have lots of information on green products and services – and most importantly, how to get involved locally to make a difference for the Earth.

Speaking about making a difference for the Earth – don’t forget about the Earth Day Cleanup from 9 – 11 a.m. taking place at six different sites around Napa. Go online to naparcd.org/earth-day-clean-up for the listing of all sites and more information.

I also personally challenge each person to pick up a few pieces of trash (or recycling) and dispose of it properly as acts of kindness to the Earth (and really, to all living creatures – including you). That is why I say recycling and composting is a selfish act to do.

This year, many Earth Days across the USA are focusing on one infamous monster that keeps growing in strength: PLASTIC.

It seems as if daily there is another news article coming out about the detrimental impacts of plastic (flexible plastic to rigid plastic) that it is hard to keep track of.

- The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is actually three times the size of France or twice the size of Texas and microplastics make up 94 percent of the estimated 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic in it, posted an article by National Geographic;

- By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean;

- Every piece of plastic manufactured on Earth is still with us;

- Another whale washes ashore dead due to ingesting too much plastic and other trash; and for me, the scariest:

- Microplastics are in our clothes, our food, our water, our air ... and in us.

But amid this terrible news, I hope it empowers us to make, demand, and create change.

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What change you ask?

I hope it empowers us to say:

- No straw with my drink, please! when ordering at restaurants and other locations.

- Oh, I brought my reusable cup – could you use that instead please?

- If you continue to use Styrofoam, I unfortunately will have to stop supporting this business.

- Could you please start carrying compostable or reusable service ware?

I hope it creates a tidal wave of consciousness:

- Purchasing whole vegetables and fruits without plastic bags (and at farmers markets or local stands);

- Buying in bulk and using reusable containers versus plastic bags;

- Eating whole fruits and vegetables for a pick-me-up snack versus a processed protein bar that comes in a plastic wrapper;

- Copy Sweden and have Plogging become popular (a new fitness trend that when running you pick up litter);

- Seeing every person with a reusable bottle, bag, and silverware (if you eat out a lot);

- Researching deeper into where your food and products are sourced;

- And so much more.

I used to joke with a professor during my undergraduate years that I wish I could be like an ostrich and every time I got scared or overwhelmed, I could just stick my head into the sand and let it pass me by.

But where is making the change in that?

I challenge you to be the change.

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This monthly column is written by Kendra Bruno, aka Compost Girl, who is the waste prevention specialist for the city of Napa. To submit questions, email kbruno@cityofnapa.org.