Has the grip of summer taken hold of you? There is nothing like constant sunshine, beautiful weather and the overall feeling of summertime that motivates us to re-decorate our home, switch out or add some new backyard seating, repaint or clean the garage.

But what about the leftovers from these project? What to do with all that stuff?

For example, those five buckets of half-full 8-year-old paint — where can you responsibly dispose of them?

Below are some resources for the most common home improvement items and how to properly dispose of them:

1. Old or new leftover paint: Recycle your old or new paint thru PaintCare. There are over 802 dropoff sites in California, with 8 located in Napa County. Currently, Kelly-Moore Paints, Devine Paint Center, Orchard Supply Hardware, and the Paint Works are the dropoff sites in the City of Napa. Make sure to call before taking your paint to find out if they have room and the limit for the location (5 gallons–10 gallons, usually).

2. Old dried empty paint buckets and cans: If your plastic bucket or steel can is empty with dry paint residue, they can be recycled in your blue curbside recycling cart.

3. Aerosol cans: If empty, they can be recycled in your blue cart. If they still have some stuff inside them, please take them to the Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility for proper disposal and recycling.

4. Wood: Unfortunately, wood is a bit tricky!

a. Non-painted/non-treated “clean” wood: If you have a small amount and it is less than 36 inches, it can go into your brown compost cart. If you have a large amount or just large pieces, contact Napa Recycling & Waste Services to get a clean wood rolloff drop box or bring it to our facility.

b. Stained and painted wood if less than 36 inches can go into your trash cart. If larger, you can bring it in as a bulky item. Watch for November’s garbage bill that will have a free bulky item drop-off coupon.

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c. Treated wood is wood that has been treated with chemical preservatives to keep bugs out. Examples include fence posts, decking, guardrails, and landscape timbers. It is considered hazardous waste and isn’t permitted in your trash bin. It can be taken to Clover Flat Landfill in Calistoga and a few others. Check online for more information.

5. Cement: Can be taken to Napa Recycling & Composting facility and recycled for a fee (currently $22 per ton or $18 minimum charge). If you have a large amount, contact NRWS to order a concrete or asphalt roll off box.

6. Scrap metal: If less than 36 inches, scrap metal can be put into your blue recycling cart. Otherwise, for a large amount you can order a roll off box free of charge. Additionally, schedule a free pick up of large scrap metal items (e.g., washer, dryer, water heater, etc.) through our Recycle More program at NapaRecycling.com/recycle-more.

7. Drywall: You can take drywall to the Napa Recycling & Composting facility or order a drywall roll off box for large amounts, both for a fee ($25 per ton).

8. Carpet: Change out all of your carpet? You can bring clean and dry carpet to the Recycling & Composting facility or order a roll off box, both for a fee, for recycling the old carpet and carpet pad.

9. Mattresses and boxsprings: Take your old mattress and boxsprings to the Devlin Road Transfer Station to be recycled, free of charge. Limit of one set (i.e., mattress and boxspring)

10. Propane tanks: Dispose of your propane tanks properly by taking them to the Household Hazardous Waste facility — even if empty. Check out the refillable propane tanks hitting the market by Flameking and sold at different retailers (e.g., REI, Walmart, etc.).

And don’t forget about the Recycle More program. It offers free curbside pickup to city of Napa (NRWS) customers for all electronics, appliances, oversized metal items, clothing and shoes, household batteries (when combined with another item), and used cooking oil.

Did I miss an item you are wondering about? Visit NapaRecycling.com or give Napa Recycling and Waste Services a call if you have any questions at 707-255-5200.

Thanks for doing your part in keeping our community safe and clean.

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This monthly column is written by Kendra Bruno, aka Compost Girl, who is the waste prevention specialist for the city of Napa. To submit questions, email kbruno@cityofnapa.org.