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AmCan robbery scene

Police closed off this walking trail in American Canyon on Sept. 5 after a group of high school students reported being robbed off campus during lunch time. 

The Napa County Sheriff's Office remains tight-lipped on details regarding last Wednesday's robbery of a group of students near American Canyon High School, but may release more information in a week.

Six students, who were off campus at the time, were robbed of their phones, shoes and jewelry, and fled back to the school, prompting a lockdown. Four of those students were hospitalized with injuries that were not life threatening, according to Henry Wofford, spokesman for the Sheriff's Office.

Wofford said Wednesday that the hospitalized victims were released relatively quickly. He dispelled rumors on social media that one of the victims lost a finger, but confirmed one of the victims sustained an injury to a thumb.

Two non-student suspects were quickly arrested after the incident. One was armed with a gun, the other had a knife.

Those suspects are minors from Vallejo, Wofford said, and because of their ages, their identities were not released.

Wofford said the case was unusual and reiterated that the investigation was ongoing. A speedy resolution shouldn't be expected when a case involves "six victims, two suspects (who are) young children involved near a school campus," Wofford said.

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