A 14-year-old River Middle School student has been arrested after threatening a mass shooting, Napa police say.

The male student told another student that he planned a shooting at either River or at Vintage High School, police say. When the other student threatened to report the matter to authorities, the first student threatened to kill the other student.

“The victim was able to provide evidence related to the threats against NVUSD students as well as the specific threats against the victim,” Napa police said in a news release late Monday.

Police did not reveal the names of the students involved because they are juveniles. The threats were made on or before Dec. 31, when school was out of session for the holiday break, police said.

Police served search warrants at several homes related to the first student on Jan. 2, the department said. “Further evidence related to the planning and research of a mass shooting incident was located at both locations,” police said.

“We believe based on the information collected at this point, this was possibly a tragedy averted and are thankful for the information provided to us,” the department wrote.

The first student remains in custody, police said. “We do not believe there is a current threat to any NVUSD students related to this incident.”

On Tuesday morning, Dr. Rosanna Mucetti issued a statement saying that the safety of the students and staff at Napa Valley Unified School District schools and facilities is the district's highest priority.

“We are grateful to Napa law enforcement for their swift investigation and action,” Mucetti said. “And just as importantly, we are deeply grateful to the student who reported concerns to an adult, who then contacted police. As a society, we need to be brave, and willing to say something when we see something. That young person may have literally saved lives by speaking up.”

“I also would like to address our communication to our families about this incident,” Mucetti said. “As parents ourselves, we are well aware of the shock and anxiety this news causes. I want to assure you that we have been in constant contact with the Napa Police Department throughout the incident and had there been an active threat that required families to take action, both law enforcement and the District would have been proactive and clear about that.

"Because of the active investigation, which continued into Monday afternoon, we agreed with law enforcement that it was important not to jeopardize the investigation. We informed our River, Vintage and Harvest Middle School families at our very earliest prudent opportunity, given the law enforcement realities.”

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