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Calistoga fire truck

Calistoga Firefighter Blake McCormack, left, and Fire Chief Steve Campbell beside the department's new fire truck Dec. 4.

CALISTOGA -- The Calistoga Fire Department on Tuesday took delivery of a much-needed replacement fire truck.

Firefighter Blake McCormick said the truck has the capacity to carry 750 gallons of water, and can pump as much as 1,500 gallons per minute. The truck also has the ability to pump as it rolls, which drastically helps when fighting wildfires that interface with urban areas, like the Tubbs Fire.

The department considered several other trucks before deciding on the Toyne-manufactured truck, which is on par with the department’s other vehicles, said Fire Chief Steve Campbell. It was a demonstration model that has yet to see any action. The cost was $480,603, and the truck is expected to last 20 to 24 years.

When asked about any bells and whistles on the truck, Campbell said, “We don’t get real fancy. We’ve been over it with a fine-toothed comb, and it has all the warranties. We got a really good deal.”

But for the firefighters, “It feels like a Cadillac,” said City Manager Dylan Feik, addressing the City Council on the subject Tuesday evening. The department is very excited about the new truck, he said, off-duty firefighters even came to check it out, as did a couple of firefighters from St. Helena.

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