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Six months into her tenure as NVUSD Superintendent, Dr. Rosanna Mucetti has submitted to the Board of Education two important documents that will guide the District through the next three years. These documents are available at  for our community to review in their entirety.

The First 90 Days Report is the result of an intense Listening and Learning Tour, which included dozens of face-to-face, phone and online interactions with hundreds of school district stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, staff, parents, Board members, community leaders, partner organizations and more. Though the venue and structure of those interactions varied, the goal was the same: to identify NVUSD’s strengths, areas for growth, opportunities and challenges.

The result is a document that puts forth Dr. Mucetti’s observations, findings and general recommendations for moving forward in the areas of:

-- Governance

-- Organizational Culture, Clarity and Alignment

-- Community Relations and Communications

-- Teaching and Learning

-- School Business and Finance, which includes facilities.

It is a frank, transparent assessment, with a focus on maximizing strengths to address challenges, all in the service of the District’s mission to transform lives by instilling and inspiring lifelong learning in every student.

On Dec. 6, the Board of Trustees approved the NVUSD 2019-2022 Strategic Plan, prepared by Dr. Mucetti and the management team and built on the existing Board priorities and goals and the recommendations in the First 90 Days Report. It is a road map to June 30, 2022, and includes goals, key initiatives and tactics in six key areas:

-- Student Learning, Achievement and Access

-- Effective Employee Relations and Resource Management

-- Robust Communication, Community Engagement and Advocacy

-- Tactical, Proactive and Efficient Asset Management

-- Equity-Centered Leadership and Inclusive Organizational Culture

-- Strategic, Impactful Governance and Policy Implementation

For example, under the first goal of Student Learning, Achievement and Access, there are four key initiatives, in the areas of college and career readiness; pedagogy; social, emotional and academic health; and real-world experiences. A sample tactic is to support the effective, consistent implementation of current State standards in English Language Arts, Math, English Language Development, Science and History/Social Studies. You will find a link to the Strategic Planning page on the home page of Both the First 90 Days Report and the Strategic Plan are available in English and Spanish.

The combined goal of these extensive and detailed efforts is to provide focus, alignment of efforts across the District and clarity, ensuring that every teacher, staff member and administrator is working toward a common set of goals and priorities.

“My most important job, as superintendent, is to provide the leadership and structure that provides results for our students, clarity and resources for our staff, and accountability to our parents and community,” Dr. Mucetti said. “My promise is that we will be transparent, communicative and collaborative as we bring this plan to life over the next three years. We welcome input, questions and feedback to keep us accountable and on track.”

Now that the Board has approved the Strategic Plan, management will begin the detail work of designing changes, additions or subtractions from current programs and protocols, with an eye on fulfilling the key initiatives. Both the 2019-2020 Local Control Accountability Plan and the accompanying budget will reflect the Strategic Plan.

“Parents, students, staff and community will see small adjustments relatively quickly, and we’ll offer opportunities for collaboration and input on more far-reaching adjustments,” Mucetti said. “One of my findings mentioned in the 90 Day Report is that the communities of Napa, American Canyon and Yountville deeply care about their schools, and my intention is to leverage that energy and knowledge in our efforts to make NVUSD one of the best school districts in California. We absolutely can do it.”

NVUSD invites you to download or print the First 90 Days Report and the Strategic Plan 2019-2022, or read them on our website, and send comments or questions to

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