The lines billowed over Lake Hennessey and the baits lightly plopped onto the waters Sunday morning, as they have each spring for half a century.

A fishing reel’s whir, a soft splash, and a parent’s encouraging words to a child were the quiet yet oft-repeated soundtrack of the 50th annual George Carl Kids Fishing Derby, which drew some 30 children and young teenagers for a morning of angling and the outdoors. Far from their televisions and computers, often out of cellphone reach, there was only the gentle breeze and wispy fog of an Upvalley morning, and the sight of families clustered on the dock and stone breakwater, patiently drawing back their lures a few inches at a time.

For nearly two generations, the fishing derby has been a gift to Napa Valley youngsters from the Active 20-30 Club of Napa, the service group whose late member George Carl formed the event in 1970.