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A Napa man was arrested Tuesday after officials responded to a call of a man inhaling propane in the bedroom of his apartment, police say.

John William Lafeber, 51, had four propane canisters in his room, according to Napa Police Lt. Brian Campagna. Napa police and fire officials arrived in the 200 block of Winding Way around 11 a.m., smelled the gas and ordered Lafeber to come to the front door. He didn't come at first and firefighters worried that there was a major safety risk in the apartment, according to a Napa police statement.

Neighbors were evacuated. Lafeber's electricity was cut. Officers tried to see whether he was OK and instructed him to come outside, according to the statement.

Neighbors were allowed back inside around 1:15 p.m., after officials determined it was safe. Officers determined Lafeber was on probation, according to the statement.  Campagna said officers conducted a probation search of his apartment and found shotgun rounds, but no shotgun.

Lafeber was taken to a hospital, where he was found to be medically OK and arrested Tuesday afternoon on suspicion of two felonies related to violating his probation by possessing ammunition.

Lafeber remained in custody as of Thursday at noon. The Napa County District Attorney ultimately charged him with a felony related to possessing ammunition even though he was not allowed to do so, and a misdemeanor related to the propane.

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