Golden Gate police action

A Napa Police officer talks to two women near Golden Gate Circle in south Napa as law enforcement cordoned off the area, brought in an armored vehicle and tried to check out a residence for a person wanted on a warrant.

The Napa County District Attorney has charged two men with crimes related to selling cocaine, child endangerment and more after law enforcement served a search warrant for a south Napa home last Thursday.

Reynaldo Lucero Aguiniga, 26, and Joseph Miguel Jimenez, 18, were arrested outside of Aguiniga’s home in the 60 block of Golden Gate Circle last week, according to court documents and Napa Police Sgt. Nick Dalessi. Both men are known Norteño gang members, Dalessi said.

Napa police and the Napa County Sheriff’s Office arrived at Aguiniga’s home with a search warrant. They approached the men as they headed outside with others who were in the house, Dalessi said.

Aguiniga was standing outside of a car, next to an open door as others piled in. Jimenez stood on the porch with a woman, Dalessi said.

Officers searched Jimenez, who had a felony warrant for an unrelated incident that occurred when he was a minor, and found he had nine individually wrapped bags of cocaine and a scale. He admitted to owning those items, according to a court document.

Jiminez was charged with a felony for possessing a controlled substance for sale. He remained in jail as of Wednesday.

Inside officers found Aguiniga had many bags of marijuana hidden between the sheets and mattress of a bassinet, Dalessi said. Paraphernalia such as pipes and grinders were within feet of the bassinet, he said.

Aguiniga was charged with a felony of child endangerment and a misdemeanor of failing to register his address, as is required of known gang members. He was released on bail Friday.

Napa police say neighbors did not report the incident, but residents are encouraged to contact the police and report suspicious activity in their neighborhoods.

Call 911 for emergencies. Non-emergencies can be reported at 707-257-9223.

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