Queen of the Valley Medical Center

Queen of the Valley Medical Center.

Ever seen a hacksaw in a hospital room?

Queen of the Valley Medical Center (QMVC) staff found one in the room of a patient who threatened and verbally abused employees, according to a restraining order request filed against the patient in June. Twenty-five QVMC employees signed off on restraining orders against the patient and his brother, who staff say was also verbally abusive, and may have brought the hacksaw and other contraband to the room.

The restraining order requests seek to ban the Napa brothers from the campus, unless they need medical treatment.

Kevin A. Henderson, 49, is a frequent patient at the hospital, according to a request for restraining order filed by QVMC in June. His brother, 49-year-old Kirk Henderson, visits Kevin there, according to a separate request. Kirk is also a patient at the hospital, QVMC wrote.

Kevin, a felon and registered sex offender, was admitted to the hospital on April 12, a QVMC nurse wrote.

When he was discharged May 16, he told staff that he or his brother would return to kill them, QVMC wrote.

He once kept a knife from his dinner tray in his bed and tried to find out where staff members lived, QVMC wrote. Security guards stood outside, but it didn’t stop Kevin from threatening or abusing staff, QVMC wrote.

Kevin claimed to be a paraplegic, but was seen walking around and moving from his bed to his wheelchair, QVMC wrote. Staff wrote that his “deception about his disability is dangerous as it gives a false sense of security to those who are unaware of his true capabilities.”

Staff even said that Kevin threw a bottle of urine at them, threatened to throw feces, left without telling anyone and had a hacksaw in his room. He accused a nurse of stealing $400 and said “that is how you get killed,” QVMC wrote. He brought cigarettes into his room, swore at staff and referred to nurses as “bitch(es)” — or worse — on several occasions, QVMC wrote.

“You are unable to have any logical discussion with him,” a nurse wrote.

In an interview, Kevin acknowledged pouring out a bottle of urine near him, keeping a dinner knife in his bed and having a hacksaw in a bag of his belongings at the hospital, but denied calling nurses “bitch(es),” threatening to throw feces, threatening staff or accusing them of taking his money.

His brother, Kirk, escalated Kevin’s aggressive behavior and made staff feel unsafe, QVMC wrote. He continued to come to the hospital after being prohibited from doing so and staff suspected that he brought Kevin the hacksaw, QVMC wrote.

One day, Kevin was on the phone with Kirk complaining that the nurse wouldn’t close his door, while an officer sat in the hallway outside, a nurse wrote. Kirk could be heard via speaker phone threatening the officer, QVMC wrote.

In an interview, Kirk acknowledged using vulgar language but said he never threatened staff. He said he did not plan to visit his brother in the hospital again.

A three-year restraining order was granted against Kirk on June 20, court records show. The next court date in Kevin’s case will be July 11 before Napa County Superior Court Commissioner Myrlys Stockdale Coleman, court records show.

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