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Solano County earthquakes 11/10

Small earthquakes felt in Napa County

Two small earthquakes at the southern border of Vallejo were felt in Napa County around noon on Saturday.

U.S. Geological Survey instruments detected two earthquakes near the Carquinez Bridge within minutes of each other. The first, a magnitude 3.6 quake at 11:56 a.m., occurred closer to the bridge and a magnitude 2.7 quake felt at 12:01 occurred slightly east of the bridge.

Earthquakes of magnitudes between 3 and 3.9 may be felt by just a few people at rest or felt noticeably by people indoors, particularly if they are on upper floors of a building, according to the USGS. Stopped cars may rock slightly, similar to the movement caused by a passing truck.

Earthquakes between magnitudes of 1 and 3 are felt by very few, according to USGS.

Click here to explore an interactive map of those earthquakes.

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