Napa Fire Department collision 4/16/19

A semi-truck collided with power lines and brought down a power pole Monday morning on Silverado Trail near Soscol Avenue.

A semi-truck carrying empty wine tanks took down a power pole Monday morning after it drove into wires, Napa fire said.

The truck was heading to San Louis Obispo from an Upvalley winery on Monday morning when it drove into wires along Silverado Trail, just north of the Soscol Avenue intersection, said Napa Fire Captain Ty Becerra. The driver was not injured, but told officials that he felt the truck shudder before he stopped and felt the pole come down on a tank attached to the truck.

The truck was carrying two tanks. One had the capacity to hold more than 8,500 gallons of wine and the other was a smaller tank, about a third of the other tank’s size, Becerra said. The driver told officials that another truck was driving ahead and apparently cleared the wires without incident.

The driver was instructed to stay inside the car until Pacific Gas and Electric Company could shut off the power, just in case the truck was energized, Becerra said.

PG&E came in about 15 minutes, but only power to the nearby Joe’s Auto Top was affected. AT&T cable lines were also torn down.

Napa Fire reminds drivers to stay in their cars if they encounter power lines. Attempting to walk out of the car could lead to electrocution, so it’s best to stay in the car until emergency responders can arrive.

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