How to Combat Stress and Anxiety by Moving Your Body Simple stretches can improve your body and mind while self-isolating at home. According to Body Space Fitness' Kelvin Gary, staring at a computer all day can dampen mental and physical health. The fitness expert adds that stretching helps your posture and spine. He also says it will keep you balanced and make you feel better physically. While holding a stretch, Gary recommends five long inhales and exhales. He says to count to five while breathing in and backwards to one while breathing out. Kelvin Gary, via HuffPost What types of stretches should you do for relief? Board-certified clinical specialist Karena Wu says to do static practices. These involve guiding a muscle to its peak moving ability and holding it for an extended time. Wu says static stretches can assist with emotional stress and help put your mind at ease. Karena Wu, via HuffPost

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