Variety of City of Napa Information Cards
A variety of information cards for the city of Napa. J.L. Sousa/Register

The Information Is Power Grape

The Information Age has done little to diminish the value of the business card. 

The age-old introduction device is still commonplace — even in Silicon Valley — thanks to its simplicity and effectiveness. Two values that did not escape the team at Napa’s city clerk office.

 In November, the city clerk’s office debuted customer assistance cards. The size of a business card, the two-sided notes help residents understand the city charter, find the city council’s agenda or assist residents in their quest to speak with an elected official.

“The idea really came out of our desire to give residents easy access to information,” Deputy City Clerk Rebecca Ryan said, giving much of the credit to co-worker Melania Vargas. “Those that see them love them. We just need to get them out to more places.”

The cards can only be found at city hall, but Ryan said plans are in place to get them to some public events soon. 

The initial 100-each printing of a dozen different service tips is already in need of replenishment.

It’s no wonder. They’re simple, informative, easy-to-use, and clearly grapeworthy.


The Don’t Politick On Our Property Raisin

You will find plenty of political opinions on this page of the Napa Valley Register. Where you should not find them is on the sides of our news racks.

Readers called in to the Register recently to report that political propaganda was found taped to the outside of our news racks at various Napa locations.

The campaign literature’s source is the LaRouche Political Action Committee. The LaRouche Movement, in support of longtime presidential candidate and convicted felon Lyndon LaRouche, is vigorously opposed to the actions of President Barack Obama, going so far as to depict our president with a Hitler-style mustache on its website.

Summer Shields, representing the LaRouche Movement in San Francisco, said it is not their policy to display flyers on private property. He said the organization does not have any Napa-based volunteers, but representatives from San Francisco distribute literature throughout the Bay Area.

We’re strong believers in the value of free speech, but not when it defaces private property in a thinly veiled attempt to connect a radical point of view with those of this newspaper. 

The LaRouche camp has been pitching its paper-thin opinions for 40 years and should know better.

Spread your hatred on your own property.

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The Winter Wouldn’t Be The Same Without You Grape

From our cozy downtown Napa office, we reported last week on the snow, rain and icy roadways Upvalley residents and commuters were fighting.

Highway 29 was closed from Calistoga up into Lake County, where schools were even shuttered by the heavy snow accumulation. 

Napa Valley Register reader Ron Sloan took some pictures of the winter wonderland that he then e-mailed to us to share with you. 

The photo gallery of Ron’s pictures on napavalleyregister.com was one of the most popular items on our site Friday, and with good reason. Ron’s photos were fantastic.

Thank you, Ron. We encourage all of our readers to share their news. Visit our virtual newsroom at napavalleyregister.com/vn to send us your content. 

You may even get a grape out of the deal.

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