On Nov. 9, Americans awakened to a startling reality: In the absence of broad, enduring citizen engagement, the door is left open for darkness to creep in and gain a foothold in our democracy.

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The big problem with the Republicans' new health plan isn't the secrecy with which it was written. The problem is that Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his lieutenants are just plum scared.

No one seems to like the Senate health-care bill. Liberal wonks detest it. At least four Republican Senators claim they aren’t prepared to support it, while other colleagues grumble about it. The White House, whose chief executive promised he wouldn’t cut Medicaid, as this bill does, is balking.

Airlines don't just defy gravity; they also defy business norms. From the way they treat customers to the way ticket prices are determined to the blistering pace of change, the industry is shrouded in misunderstandings.

The culture war is alive and well - even where you might not expect it. That's one of the most overlooked lessons of Tuesday's special election in Georgia. While a lot was made of the absurd amounts of money spent on the race, the question of Donald Trump's effect downballot, or which voters…

If you need to walk through the world in a state of stupefaction, you don't belong in a democracy. The ballot should belong to people who pay attention.

In the tear-stained hours after the baseball field shootings, House Chaplain Patrick J. Conroy sounded the right note as he said in his opening prayer, "We are blessed by a free and open society. ... But once again, we are reminded there is a vulnerability that comes with that openness."

Donald Trump closed out last week by rumbling back into his battle against James Comey, who was FBI director until POTUS fired him. In the morning, he celebrated Comey's Senate testimony as a " complete vindication" on Twitter. In the afternoon, Trump flat out called him a liar -- in the Ros…

Michael Flynn connects the collusion case to the obstruction case. Figure out what Flynn was saying to whom and why and we may nail down precisely why Trump was leaning on Comey.

Even with grim reports from the United Nations' relief agencies and images of starving children in Africa, there is widespread confusion about what famine is and what we can do to help.

U.S.-based social media giants may soon face a new attack in Europe: There's a perception among activists and officials that the basis of their business model -- targeted advertising -- can be a threat to democracy.

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