The decision about whether or not to close schools when the air quality is unhealthy is one that Napa County schools do not take lightly. The health and safety of the students is our top priority. This year, as we did last year when the fires were raging in Napa County, the five district sup…

Editorial cartoons by Roberto Tinoco, who grew up in the Bay Area, is a 1996 graduate of San Jose State, where he studied graphic design. He has lived in Napa with his wife since 2008.

The interruption of one of my favorite TV shows recently "Let's Make A Deal" for the "James Comey Show" has shown me that with all of the problems our country has, we've spent more time and taxpayer money on nothing that substantially helps American live a better life.

When CBS studio executives approached Mary Tyler Moore about the concept of a new TV sitcom about a divorced working-class woman making it on her own, she was hesitant to commit to the project. She feared her new role might suffer in comparison to her previous 1960s role of Laura Petrie in “…

Do we really need fancy-pants toilets--almost half a million dollars? How many do we get for that price? And taking money for other projects to pay for this isn't right. Yet politicians seem to do this kind of thing all the time.

The "earth-friendly, organic" produce vendors at the Napa Farmers Market continue to use single-use plastic bags, with full knowledge that those are environmentally detrimental.

It is time for barbecues, fireworks, and/or enjoying yourself at Kennedy Park. Parties often include alcohol and can turn from festive to fatal if driving is involved. Before drinking, choosing a designated sober driver is a priority.

I live on Clay Street. Mr. Wolter's recent letter to the editor is dead on ("Dangerous conditions at Clay and Walnut," June 23). The speeding on Clay Street is excessive and dangerous to those residents who live here or in proximity.

Lately, it seems like I pick up the newspaper and see that a new hotel is possibly coming to Napa. All these new hotels mean more visitors coming to the Napa Valley.

I had the honor of attending the Memorial Service for L. Pierce Carson on June 26. Pierce was a friend from the time I was 21 years old, and started attending the Mondavi Summer Concert series. Pierce would arrive early to set up several large blankets in front of the stage. Every week for o…

The Senate bill to replace the Affordable Care act has been called the Better Care Reconciliation Act. According to the Congressional Budget Office, it would add 22 million Americans to the ranks of the uninsured by 2026 and would reduce the deficit by $321 billion over 10 years.

As our region works to protect community health in response to last week’s heat wave, we must brace ourselves for a potent new attack on public health as the United States Senate moves forward with repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This threat is real and will affect the lives of many…

The recent arrest of clinical director Kevin Thorpe has shocked and saddened all of us associated with Hanna Boys Center. Having dedicated ourselves to helping young men recover from difficult childhoods, it’s devastating to think that further harm may have been brought by the alleged action…

I don't think Dalton Piercey understands how bizarre and outlandish it is to accuse a millennial in Napa Valley of belonging to a decolonization movement.

Perhaps you have been seeking God for a fresh vision for your life. You may have been asking for guidance and direction. Crying out to Him for understanding and wisdom. Waiting upon Him to answer your prayers, for months on end, and all you get is silence.

My husband and I love walking the Estuary. We walk daily. We find it disturbing that some people think it is OK to let their untrained dogs chase after waterfowl.

In these days of turmoil and strife, there are things we can stop doing to make life better for ourselves and those around us. You will find a dozen items (plus a bonus) conveniently detailed in the list below.

I am an advocate for the community of individuals impacted by celiac disease/non-celiac gluten/wheat sensitivity. I write to urge you to stand with us to ensure the stability for chronic disease patients as the Senate considers healthcare reform. It is my hope that the Senate will preserve k…

I don't want to talk about any one development, but to express a concern for the future of this great community.

The timber industry and the Forest Service aggressively market the idea that reducing fuels through logging/thinning programs will result in a significant decrease in acreage burned, fire-fighting costs, and the number of high-severity fires.

On Thursday, the "Clown Prince of Hot Air" informed us by Twitter (currently the only way we know what he believes due the press briefing vacuum) that there were no tapes made of his meetings with James Comey.

After the glowing advance you gave Eleanor Coppola's new film "Paris Can Wait," it's disappointing that our local theater complex couldn't find a screen for the movie.

I find it counterproductive for the city of Saint Helena to continue to fight hotels and vacation rentals (in appropriate places.) Do the folks realize they are losing the Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT) to other cities and the traffic is actually worse in our downtown? Folks go through our …

I received an invitation from Napa City Public Works to attend a public meeting at NVLA on June 21 regarding repaving, installation of curb, gutters and sidewalks within the Westwood subdivision and on Laurel Street. I have a home on Laurel Street.

We live in the Willowcreek Town Houses and we exit our home at the corner of Clay and Walnut streets. In the past year, the traffic on Clay between Jefferson and California Boulevard has become much heavier.

Over the past several months, I've noticed a common thread in most letters to the editor from local Trump supporters. Like Trump himself, these letters attempt to demean anyone who doesn't agree with Trump.

Auction Napa Valley does it again. They make raising millions of dollars look effortless, and we know it is not.

The Women’s March provided actions steps to take during the first 100 days following the inauguration on Jan. 20. Writing postcards, setting up "huddle" meetings, contacting our representative in Congress are among some tasks set before us. Thus, were surprised to see a new action arrive in …

Budgets are on the minds of everyone these days. They include federal, state, and municipal, corporate and private. Private is your own and you can take charge based on your bank balance and your income. Corporations consider profit and increase prices to cover costs including compensation f…

I want to let you know that I will no longer attend events at your venue in the future. The cancellation of Kathy Griffin was an example of a group cave-in bandwagon that you jumped on. Only, as far as I know, did Jim Carrey come out in support of the comedian's right to present an artistic …

So, let me get this straight. We are spending millions of dollars on the biking and hiking Vine Trail that, at the most, 200 people use on a weekday and where we have installed traffic lights to make those people "feel safe?"

I’d like to add a few thoughts to the article by Dick Meyer in the Register of June 10, "The Constitution Has An HR Problem" (meaning Human Resource). He says “There is no doubt that our system of constitutional government is in a period of distress, but there is considerable doubt about the…

The Ladies of the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 113, would like to thank all of the great people that helped make our poppy distribution a success. Thank you to the merchants that allowed us to distribute in front of their stores.

Napa County Library is a source of learning and hosts a variety of programs whether for children, about art, our natural world and its people, or of the people in our community. On June 6, the library hosted “Alphabet Soup,” a community forum that brought forth a greater understanding of our…

The editorial in Sunday's paper on June 18 by Sean Scully -- "Our Members of Congress" -- was exceptional. During this time when free speech is being attacked with viciousness, and members of Congress being shot while practicing for a charity baseball game, violence is something that should …

Since people are talking and complaining about Napa traffic patterns, signals and problems, let me add to the issue. The intersection of Soscol and Old Soscol is now dangerous.

Note from author: This piece was written prior to the attack on our American congressman last Wednesday and does in no way call for or condone violence. There is only one way to achieve political victory in this beautiful nation of ours and that is at the ballot box. With this said, I presen…

I hope that those in all areas of health care have awakened to the fact that we are now fighting a contagion that I call Trump Disease. It is widespread with a whole host of symptoms that range from unwarranted euphoria to deep depression.

I read with much empathy Ms. Archambault’s letter of disappointment at BottleRock for the less-than-stellar Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations.

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How telling of the sad state of affairs it is that Napa County has budgeted one quarter of a million dollars for the annual salary of a new deputy counsel to handle the increased load of land-use issues ending on residents’ appeal hearings and the courts. By the time the employment of this p…

The June 12 issue of the Register article "Your Turn," by Kathy Ball, "In God's kingdom, love is the liberator!" got my attention. She quotes from Luke 12:32 "Fear not little flock, for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom of heaven."

When Donald Trump recently mystified Twitter fans with the seemingly inexplicable non-word “covfefe,” he was probably trying to type “kafabe,” a widely used slang expression in professional wrestling. Originating in carny (carnival) argot, “kafabe” refers to the manner in which wrestling pro…

We would like to start by making it very clear that we love our beautiful Napa valley with its picturesque vineyards, amazing wineries and in turn the visiting tourist that come from all over the world to experience the magnificent valley that we all call home. They also bring a lot of reven…

In the spring of 1986, the advanced biology class from St. Helena High School traveled to Mendocino to explore the world-famous pygmy forest. They had also been invited to participate in a pottery workshop led by Sasha Makovkin, renowned potter, naturalist and philosopher, whose studio was a…

Previously, I had written about “Managing Managers,” with particular reference to recommending mediation as a preferable means of endeavoring to resolving disputes between two or more managers: Kushner and Bannon being my focal point, a behavioral agreement being the desired outcome.

How many of you concerned parents with students at Napa High School are going to be at the meeting on June 15? If not, I hope you will reconsider.

L. Pierce Carson was that rare human being who deserved the love that the many people who knew him and even more people that didn't felt for him. He was never apologetic about being fully human. Pierce was unscathed by automation, pagination, corporations, driving cars or management.

After recently attending the open house at the Health and Human Services campus, I must comment on the proposed fate of the property.

Tom Riley’s scorcher of a response (“Hail Caesar?” June 11) to my letter of June 8 was near-perfect: playfully pedantic, with that whiff of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that so many of us can appreciate. It took me to task for high crimes in secondary source use, yes, but stung me most shar…

On behalf of the Napa High Alumni Association (NHAA), I would like to thank the following area businesses and individuals for their generous support of our recent Scholarship raffle: Peju Winery, Trader Joe's, Betty's Girl Boutique, Lixit Pet Products, The Mustard Seed, The Arrangement, Heal…

In relation to the letter titled "Slow the stampede of development" (June 8) and "All for the rich people" (June 9). I am so glad these people write so well. I am not a writer, however, I would like to reiterate everything they said. I wholeheartedly agree. How many hotels and/or apartments …

In regards to the transient woman found dead ("Transient woman found dead in northwest Napa identified," June 8):

Recently I had the opportunity of enjoying an evening meal from the balcony of a restaurant overlooking the intersection of Adams and Railroad streets in St. Helena. This intersection is heavenly traveled and is four-way stop sign controlled.

My wife and I attended the Napa High School Graduation last Thursday. In particular, we noticed and were inspired by speaker Joshymar Graham. His ideas and words soared and gave us great hope for the future. Thank you, Joshymar.

“Fear not little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom of heaven” (Luke 12:32). Are these just comforting words that forecast future promises, or can we really expect Jesus Christ’s words to resonate in practical ways, right now, in today’s world? Can we trust …

In response to Councilmember Dohring’s letter (“Paying for Dam Removal,” June 10), the payment question is not complicated. The expense of removing Upper York Creek Dam is a Water Enterprise expense and not a General Fund expense.

Paul Moser, author of “Inside the Flavor League” and prominent amongst Napans as a Trump resister, writes to explain what this extensive resistance is all about (“What are we resisting,” June 8).

I first raised the question of financial responsibility for the Upper York Creek Dam removal and habitat restoration project in a letter to the editor in the St. Helena Star dated Dec. 23, 2010. I voiced similar concerns several times at the city council over the past seven years and wrote a…

On Thursday, June 1, Taqueria Rosita hosted a dine & donate to benefit Gunnar Church (and his family). The response from the people of Napa was amazing. So many companies bought their entire staff lunch. The lines of people were out the door. The place was packed all day long. It was so …

This was our fifth year at BottleRock, fourth year as a patron of ADA facilities. We are enthusiastic supporters of BottleRock and have generally appreciated the improvements over the years. But things went severely downhill for General Admission handicapped this year. The money-making “JamP…

I have a message about a disease that I have that should offer you some help and relieve you from the present general fear that you may have of getting this terrible sickness.

On Tuesday, May 23, the St. Helena City Council rejected the Culinary Institute of America's appeal for expansion. The area of contention is the proposed incremental student housing on the property owned by the CIA on Pratt Avenue. But I wonder how many of us truly appreciate what the CIA Gr…

Thank you, Rusty Cohn of Napa, for your "Stampede" of June 8 (“Slow the stampede of development.”)

As expected, Napa citizen concerns were once again squelched, their voices disrespected during the May 23 appeal hearing with the Board of Supervisors on Mountain Peak Winery – Napa’s most recent 4-0 approval by the board of yet another 100,000-gallon commercial winery event center that is p…

An article titled “23 million more are uninsured with GOP health bill, analysts say,” which appeared in the Register on May 25, states “the health care bill the Republicans recently pushed through the House would leave 23 million Americans without insurance and confront many others who have …

We who live in the Zinfandel Subdivision south of town are not in St. Helena city limits. We are a nonprofit that doesn't meet the guidelines for St. Helena assistance for our neighborhood park, and Napa County or Open Space District don't help us either.

Recently it seems like a month can't go by without another major hotel/resort/housing being announced. Anyone else notice that if you look at the roads with the worst traffic that is where they are being located?

When you clear away all the petty underbrush on both sides of the subject, what is resistance to Trump about? It’s about policy positions, absolutely, but it goes much deeper than that. It goes even beyond the issue of Trump’s crude, loutish behavior and ethically-challenged character.

I have seen more and more of the water fountains that are meant to fill up water bottles around but I don't see many in Napa.

How sad. Not a mention in Tuesday's paper, June 6, 2017, of the other June 6, 1944, D-Day. The only reference was the Peanuts comic strip on the comics page, with a meaningful remembrance. Way to go, Snoopy!

The article about Kathy Griffin's appearance at the Uptown Theatre being cancelled was not clear as to whether the Uptown made the decision to cancel her. If it was indeed the theater's decision then I loudly applaud them for it. This is not a First Amendment issue. The First Amendment prote…

I have just read your “Editor’s note” regarding response to "Gridlock on Highway 29" in the May 30 Napa Valley Register. Explanations don’t take the place of corrective action that needs to be taken by city of Napa Traffic officials.

The current crisis d’jour is the specter of Russia colluding with Donald Trump and his associates in the recent election. The danger in that alleged collusion is loosely described as causing the public to lose faith in the democratic process.

Perhaps we should consider switching to the Napa High Artichokes because we all have heart.

I believe that the term "Indian" used as NHS mascot is used as a term of pride. Students are proud of their mascot. It is not used as a derogatory term.

Napa Valley Community Housing would like to thank the community for their support of our 10th Annual Golf Tournament held at Eagle Vines Golf Club during Affordable Housing Week in May.

Robert Wilkinson (“Wipe your eyes and grow up,” May 18) wants Americans to stop criticizing President Trump and to ”offer support” for his policies, just because 46 percent of voters cast their ballots for him. I think instead we should never surrender our autonomy and values.

Today more than ever, we face perilous challenges in our hemisphere, and all around the globe we inhabit standing as a single woman, man or child. War can be imminent if so shall choose, or peace can continue to be a vital place in all our countries facing us.

The Napa High Track and Field family came together last week to celebrate a very successful season. The Varsity boys team won the MEL pennant for the first time since the school joined MEL 40 years ago. The JV Girls took first place in the league. The Varsity girls and JV boys earned second …

The question has been asked if the temporary relocation of the downtown post office at the corner of Second and School Streets should become permanent. In response: not unless the safety of pedestrians trying to access the post office is considered and improved upon.

I don’t believe anyone would leave an expensive saxophone or guitar outside to be rained on (“Napa Valley’s first PopUp Piano debuts at Yountville recital slam,” May 13). Why a piano? Pianos are greatly damaged by the weather.

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Dropping out of college in 1967 during the Vietnam War meant being reclassified from 2S (student deferment) to 1A (draft eligible) in the Selective Service System. Not exactly the path one wants to take if trying to control one’s own destiny.

As a business owner in Calistoga, I would like to address comments to Don Williams pertaining to his recent article “Maybe it’s time to cut the marketing purse strings” (May 27).

"Why am I not 50 points ahead, you might ask?" One of the worst campaign ads in modern political history. And Hillary and her faithful still can't figure it out.

Especially in these days of instant comment and analysis of every permutation and combination of presidential and congressional antics, it’s useful to step back, take a deep breath, and recognize that big things change – if they do at all – slowly.

Saturday was a beautiful day in Calistoga, with many residents and tourists crowding the sidewalks along Lincoln Street. But meanwhile, out at the art center, a dozen local artists were showing their work for five hours, but it was quite slow.

What’s a watershed? A watershed is an area of land that divides water that flows into other creeks, river, or oceans. It can also hold a lot of water that flows from rivers, storm drains, runoff, also just rain in general.

My heart aches for the people--many of those- elderly--who have to put up with the noise from BottleRock. Why, oh, why can't the promoters move it out to the Kennedy Park area?

What a great article by Carol Cavagnaro in Monday's paper about the tunnels of Cu Chi. It was so well stated and accurate and brought back old memories for me (as a sergeant in the 25th Infantry Division there in 1967). Hopefully some of our readers took time to be informed.

I am writing regarding Mr. James Conaway’s opinion piece “Land use, wine, and Trump” that appeared in my May 26 newspaper.

I’m writing about the housing project proposed for Old Sonoma Road. As a historian of change in Napa, once in a while I feel it is my duty to weigh in.

Star Editor David Stoneberg’s story about Yolanda Irby, the homeless woman of St. Helena, was a masterful work of insight and journalism ("A human tragedy in plain sight," May 12).

I was excited to read your piece about Yolanda Irby ("A human tragedy in plain sight," May 12), as I thought it would provide insight into the life of a member of our community experiencing homelessness. I was glad to learn that local organizations such as UpValley Family Centers are aware o…

I was recently at the Vietnam Wall with my husband and children and my father, a Vietnam veteran. We came upon the new memorial statue to the women who served in that conflict. The statue depicts three female nurses tending to a badly wounded soldier. The one holding him represents Charity, …

I'm an eighth grader at River Charter Middle school and a group of us were doing a project about watersheds.  

Memorial Day is a day of memories and reflection. It’s a day to pay tribute to over 650,000 men and women who made the final, the ultimate sacrifice on fields of battle, and another 600,000 who lost their lives in the course of their military service, not in combat but nevertheless protectin…

Bottle Rock is OK as far as I'm concerned, but the noise does carry up to Alta Heights pretty loud. On Thursday, the test music was so loud I couldn't believe it. There was no possible way that we could hear our own music, even with doors and windows closed.

The Napa High School Class of 1967 was a large class, more than 900 students strong, since it was before Vintage High School was built. We were also one of several classes impacted by the Vietnam War.

“I learned that it only takes one person to make a big difference, but when you have friends working by your side, you can accomplish anything."

In response to Ellen Vinci’s article of May 5, titled “March was no mere hobby;” Linda Bolin got it right. Reference, “Find another hobby,” (April 25) and “It’s because a woman lost” (May 12).

I am a fifth grader at Mt. George Elementary School. For a class project, I was challenged to make our school a better place. I designed a program to encourage all students in grades 2-5 to participate in my reading program called Reading For a Smarter Tomorrow. This is the second round. We …

Interesting changes have taken place in the tobacco industry, with a constant battle between Big Tobacco and tobacco control advocates over public health and the innovative electronic smoking devices commonly known as e-cigarettes and vapes.

Regarding "Why is this a Controversy,” by Jeraldeen Lee (May 20): The issue is not with Indian names per se but with their use including images for team sports. Moreover, communities in your former state of Minnesota struggled with allowing or banning the Indian mascot decades ago and removed them.

Thank you from the Napa Rotary Club, The Pathway Home Inc. and Enchanted Hills Camp for the Blind for making Saturday, April 22 a huge 10th-year success. This year’s event was magical with perfect weather and even a few misty drops of rain very early that morning to keep our cyclists cool.

I was pleased to read the editorial by Sean Scully in the Register on May 14. It is refreshing to see a media personality write a very objective article on a couple of highly emotionally charged issues – the Civil War, and the local mascot issues - and take a sincere look at both sides of th…

Napa Valley is recognized the world over for its award-winning wines, but little is known about its low-income, mostly agricultural, communities where the need is great; especially for year-round student academic support and enrichment opportunities.

In frontier days, farmers and other residents together thought that their children's education was very important. So important that in hiring teachers for their children, they included convenient country residence for the teachers.

Thank you Dr. Nemko and the Napa County Office of Education board of trustees for your professionalism, integrity and diligence in following the process to review appeals. I appreciate you, Dr. Nemko, for reaching out to the community through you letter to the editor on May 10 explaining you…

While recently watching President Trump leave for the Middle East, an idea came to me. As soon as we hear that Air Force One is headed back to the U.S., let's lock the doors, turn out the lights, and all be really, really quiet and maybe he will just go away.

I hate to keep adding to the "Comey firing" flap of the past few days. Your story from the recent Register contained the concerning statement of Utah Sen. Mike Lee (R) suggesting 45 nominate the snubbed Merrick Garland, Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court, ignored by Mitch McConnell for 10 months.

As the chair of the Napa Board of Advocates for Planned Parenthood Northern California, I'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Napa community for their generous support of Planned Parenthood on Friday, May 5.

It was a shock to read of Pierce Carson's death. Somehow it seemed he would always be with us -- preserving and adding to the Napa Valley's collective memory. When his articles became fewer and farther between, it was a delight to come across one, akin to unearthing buried treasure. His read…

Dalton Piercey’s recent letter baffles me ("Assimilation is the true enemy," May 19).

It was good to hear that the Napa Airport Commission deadlocked on the Palmaz heliport issue. Hopefully, this will give everyone more time to step back and reflect on the irrevocable harm such an installation will have on our community.

I am a member and elder of the Wintu Tribe of Northern California. My Indian grandmother, Arnie Greer Brookins, came to Napa over 110 years ago. My Indian father, Delbert Greer Brookins, was born in Napa 100 years ago; I was born in Napa 75 years ago. All of my family, grandparents, aunts, u…

My wife and I grew up and graduated from Napa High School, where I enjoyed running track and playing football. Later in life, I became a sergeant in the U.S. Marine Corps and served in the 3rd Amphibious Assault Battalion’s mobility counter mobility platoon.

Everyone in the Napa Valley knows about the Napa Valley Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater. What they may not know, is that they are truly committed to enriching our community.

I think that we've spent enough time trying to pretend the school district hasn't already made up their minds about the Indian mascot. I think it's time to start considering the replacement.

In 1945, my dad, Ken Johnson, began teaching history and English at Napa High School. He was also a football, basketball and baseball coach from 1946-1954. Dad was Dean of Boys and Assistant Principal at Napa High School.

Wow. The city of Napa offered its citizens $0.50 per square foot to replace lawns and the fairgrounds installs over 5 acres of new sod? Really?

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