All for the rich people

All for the rich people


Thank you, Rusty Cohn of Napa, for your "Stampede" of June 8 (“Slow the stampede of development.”)

Who are we welcoming to Napa with all these hotels in the planning? The homeless folks in town can't afford them or sleep there. I don't think people who sleep in them will stay here to fix our roads, open a new "Mervyns" or "Carithers" where they could buy clothes for a family, or new sheets for their beds.

I notice every time a new hotel or "festival" is planned that prices soar at the local grocery stores and pharmacies. Where are the rich people, anyway?

They hide from us up in the hills in gated neighborhoods, just like the castles of old; some have moats. These are the same hills we used to climb on beautiful summer days. They want to build wineries on our empty land, take away our views; the very views our grandfathers from Italy, Germany, France, and Mexico loved so much when they first saw Napa Valley.

This doesn't look like "progress" to me — educate me, please. Most of the public events here are programmed for the "young and restless," never the seniors or retired. Oh, sure.

It's great to see the cared-for areas flooded with people. The Connolly Ranch in my neighborhood of Browns Valley is a beautiful example of what can be done on open land. I see small children there getting acquainted with animals they may never see otherwise. Young and old working in the gardens, children making friends with chickens and goats. This, or something like this, could be planned for other areas in the valley; this is the kind of "hotel" that would benefit all. Thank you, Beckstoffer for the new chicken house.

I'm preaching; it comes naturally, my dear grandfather was a "hell and damnation" preacher in the rural South, sorry — let's have a pie supper and have some fun.

Barbara Ciapponi


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