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As we enter the holiday weekend, let’s all think about how to keep our roads safe as we celebrate.

The city of Napa is ranked eighth highest out of 103 comparison cities in California for alcohol-involved collisions.

As chair of the CLEAR Coalition to reduce alcohol-involved collisions and a resident who lost her brother to a DUI crash, I am actively trying to prevent drunken driving in Napa.

DUI is preventable, but we need the whole community to come together and help to be successful.

People who are drinking need to take personal responsibility. Law enforcement does a great job of enforcing DUI laws.

We also need restaurants, bars and wineries to help by serving alcohol responsibly to their patrons and making sure they do not serve someone who has obviously already had too much.

Napa Valley is a world-class destination for food and wine with some of the best restaurants and wineries in the country. Many of these establishments are very responsible in the way they serve alcohol.

However, for the past few years, 35 percent of people who attend the Bay Area Community Resources’ program for DUI offenders in Napa report that their last drink was at a licensed establishment in Napa County.

We would like to work with local businesses to support responsible alcohol service and help bring this number down.

We encourage local businesses that serve or sell alcohol to send staff to Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) training.

This training covers various topics such as criminal, civil and ABC liability, how to refuse service and more.

Businesses can benefit from RBS training with improved customer service, increased profits, reduced risk of legal complications and increased eligibility for legal mitigation.

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Research also shows that when businesses attend this training and implement responsible beverage service practices, DUI rates go down.

As a community known for its amazing food, wine, beauty and quality of life, let’s also be on the cutting edge of keeping our DUI rates low and our community safe.

RBS training is available through Napa County Health and Human Services Agency’s Alcohol and Drug Services Prevention Program. Please contact Erica Herrera at 253-4026 to learn more about how to access this training.

For more information about how to get involved with the CLEAR Coalition or help with drunken driving prevention efforts, contact Katie Keating at 253-4724 or

Megan Dominici, chair of the CLEAR Coalition to prevent alcohol-involved collisions / Napa


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