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Conservatives distort Obama's record

Conservatives distort Obama's record

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Rick Protz’s anti-Obama screed (“Independence Day: A time for reflection,” July 2) is a good example of not letting the facts get in the way of your preconceived notions or contradict what you’ve heard on Fox News.

Mr. Protz alleges that under President Obama, our government has become tyrannical and out of control, brazenly ignoring the Constitution. He gives several examples. All of them are false.

He trots out the claim that the IRS is being used as a political tool against conservative organizations claiming tax-exempt status. TYRANNY!

He omits that numerous investigations by Republicans have shown that an equal percentage of liberal and left-leaning groups were also scrutinized and that none were unfairly denied their exemption. Mr. Protz, it’s the job of the IRS to investigate organizations claiming tax-exempt status.

He claims that under Obama “no serious attempt has been made to enforce immigration law.” Oh really? The truth is, much to the dismay of many liberals, that the Obama administration has deported over 2 million illegal immigrants over the last six years. More than any president in history. And that spending on border security and the number of border guards is at their highest levels since WW II. But that doesn’t stop Republicans from saying that they would LOVE to pass immigration reform but they can’t because they don’t trust the president to uphold the law. What a crock!

Mr. Protz alleges that Washington is “totally out of control financially, running deficits year after year ... wasting our children’s future.” Of course, he doesn’t mention the fact that the deficit has fallen virtually every month since Obama took office and is currently at its lowest level in years. Or that government spending has remained flat and has not risen in years. TYRANNY!

He claims that President Obama is out to “fundamentally transform” our society and take away our freedoms. How? By trying to provide citizens with affordable health care? Taking away the “freedom” to be dropped by your insurance company when you get sick? Or the “freedom” to be discriminated against by your boss because of your age, race or gender?


Conservatives have always been on the wrong side of these arguments and are not above lying to convince the uninformed. Ronald Reagan famously said in the 1960s that if Medicare were enacted we would, without a doubt, become a communist dictatorship within a decade. I don’t know Mr. Protz’s age but I’d be willing to bet that when the time comes, he will gladly accept government Social Security and Medicare. TYRANNY!

Mr. Protz calls President Obama and his administration an oligarchy that has “no intention of upholding the Constitution” and disregards any law he doesn’t like. George W. Bush issued 130 signing statements during his eight years in office, challenging 1,100 provisions of laws, duly passed by Congress, that he claimed the right to ignore if he so chose.

Republicans at the time called this executive privilege. As of June 2014, President Obama has issued 28 signing statements, less than a quarter of President Bush’s, and Republican conservatives call him a tyrant who ignores the law. I guess it’s OK if a Republican does it, but when a Democrat does the same thing it’s … TYRANNY!

Richard Aldrich



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