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Enact term limits for Congress

Enact term limits for Congress

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Presently we find ourselves in a very heated political climate. The inauguration of Donald Trump as our 45th president, the possibility of the elimination of Obamacare for millions of Americans with no new care option being offered, and the millions who marched around the world to make a statement for the rights of women.

Many comments can be found on Facebook regarding these and many more issues. One entry caught my attention more than the usual rants and raves. It was “Three reasons for term limits:” 1) the elimination of career politicians; 2) promotion of new ideas; and 3) fighting corruption.

As we all remember from our high school civics class, an individual elected president of these United States can serve a maximum of two four-year terms, eight years total. Yet at present, there are no term limits for elected individuals serving in Congress or the Senate. These individuals can serve as long as they are reelected by the voters in their respective states. Currently, we have congressional members who served their first terms in the 1970s and are still serving.

I have always contended that members of Congress and the Senate should be limited to a maximum of no more than three consecutive four-year terms, 12 years in all. This would encourage more progressive and unbiased thinking, generate new ideas, and eliminate or at least speed up filibusters that Congress is famous for.

But here lies the problem: Who sets the term limits? Congress does. Do you really think that elected officials in Congress would vote to set term limits on themselves that would eventually terminate their own careers?


It is time that the issue of term limits be given to the People to be voted on. As the Constitution says, “We the People… in order to form a more perfect union…”

Just something to think about.

Chuck Barber


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