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Lately, it seems like I pick up the newspaper and see that a new hotel is possibly coming to Napa. All these new hotels mean more visitors coming to the Napa Valley.

I don't have a problem with that. My concern is the lack of nice affordable places to eat. Not all visitors or residents of Napa County can pay the prices of allot of our great restaurants. How about Napa getting an Outback or Chili's or B J's? Restaurants more in that category.

Not to say the name of the restaurant four of us went to, but when we saw the prices it was like our wallets wanted to run out. We did eat there and it was very good but very expensive. No one wants to eat at fast-food restaurants every day of their vacation. I would rather support Napa restaurants than driving all the way to Vacaville to a great choice of good affordable restaurants. Let's see what can be done, Napa.

Greg Odell

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