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Just say 'no' to bullying

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Sometimes things just take your breath away. This time, it was the long powerful arm of the wine industry reaching out to snatch pizza funds from our nonprofit, Napa Vision 2050, a two-year-old organization devoted to protecting the health and environment of Napa County.

This is the wine industry that won the nation’s top place in direct-to-consumer sales in 2016. Napa County’s wine industry sales are expected to surpass $1 billion for the second year in a row, according to the Napa Valley Register.

Saturday evening, I got a call from an administrator for a new local restaurant trying to build their business here by connecting with our community. On behalf of Napa Vision 2050, I had arranged a Dine-and-Donate event at this restaurant for Jan. 22 – supporters come in, show the restaurant’s flyer about the event and a percentage of their bill comes to our organization as a fundraiser.

We had worked out a monthly Dine-and-Donate schedule through November of this year.

The announcement for our first event on Jan. 22 went out to the Napa Vision 2050 mailing list, which includes many representatives of wine industry trade organizations and wineries.

Evidently, we tipped them off to something they did not like. Within 24 hours, the restaurant had received so many calls from wineries and the industry objecting to its partnering with us that the restaurant cancelled the events.

I think your readers ought to know what this industry is capable of doing. Our Napa County belongs to us all… not to any one industry. Do they think they own the county? Our events would have helped this restaurant reach into our community and it would have helped us raise money to make Napa a better place for all of us.

Jeepers, a pizza fundraiser?

Kathy Felch, Vice President

Napa Vision 2050

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