How many of you concerned parents with students at Napa High School are going to be at the meeting on June 15? If not, I hope you will reconsider.

More people are needed to be at these meetings, to see what is going on in your school district. Surely, Napa High is not the only school having problems. I have heard stories of other schools, but someone needs to come address these problems to be resolved.

I have seen parents come to these meetings and beg this school board for help to resolve several issues regarding the football hazing, the coaches, the Indian symbol, to no avail. I have watched a group of people sit at those tables, looking down at their cellphones, and also have a laptop computer looking down at it, while the parents, begged for help for their children, with no answers in sight.

This school board needs to be more polite, and considerate to the people who come to address them with only three minutes to share with them their concerns. Please. As public servants, be courteous enough to look at these speakers while they talk to you.

Remember this school board is supposed to be working for the general public. They are elected positions, not dictators. Because a school board member may run unopposed, does not mean they should act like a dictator. After all, it is your tax dollars, being spent. you do have a say in what goes on. This school board needs to remember that. They are public servants, not dictators.

Because one of those people on the school board does not care for the Indian Symbol that has been in place for 120 years and the 4,600-plus people who signed petitions and the student poll taken of 83 percent should have precedence. That person still is a public servant, and should take into consideration who he or she is serving. That would be you the people, the students.

Please Napa community, don’t let this board continue to be intimidating. Your voice, your presence and your standing up for what you want to see happen in the school district for your children are important.

Because this school board has let outside forces come into this community and voice their opinions does not make it right or acceptable.

For a school board to have the audacity to tell the community at these school board meetings, it is not a democracy vote, your voice and signatures and wants do not count and that decisions are up to them is wrong. They are public servants to the tax-paying community, and should listen and abide to the hard-working, tax- paying people.

For their decisions have been overturned. They were not right in what they did. This community needs to continue to show them that.

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Don’t fall away from the meetings. Don’t let them intimidate you. Keep coming and voice your opinions.

So let me ask again: How many of you Napa people are going to be at that NVUSD meeting at 7 p.m. on June 15?

When you enter, sign up to be able to speak, have your three-minute speech you want to present written down on a card, read it aloud to the board to be heard, then turn it in to Fran Carpenter so the board can review and give answers at the next board meeting on July 27.

You will have your questions and opinions in writing on record and witnessed on video that the board will receive to go over at a later date.

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I have heard Mr. Hurtado begin the open public session with we will hear your questions but will not make any decisions at this time. I have heard that since March 16, since I started watching online and have not once heard any of those questions answered from any board member yet at any meetings since asked. Now they have in writing what you have asked, given to Fran.

This has not been done in the past, and now, you the general public, have your questions duly noted to be answered. With that said, the school board should give a time to be able to answer at the upcoming meetings, as old business. They need to address them.

If you as parents would like to know more about the agenda and are working and unable to attend, you can stay informed by going to the NVUSD.org and even view the school board meetings online.

It would really be of interest to you to see and hear what is happening at those meetings you are not attending in person, for whatever it is you cannot be there.

Jawana Hummingbird-Kitchens

Sterling, Illinois

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