My husband is former head coach Troy Mott and I would like to clarify the steps that my husband has taken to continue as the head coach at Napa High.

Let me make it very clear, Troy had zero tolerance for his football program with players and coaches alike. Anyone who has ever violated the trust of the team, publicly or privately, was excused from the program immediately.

In the past 11 years, Troy has fired coaches, support staff and dismissed dozens of athletes from the football program for unbecoming behavior. With that being said, I would like to explain where we are today and how we got here.

I feel as though every email presented to the football parents weekly is incomplete and leaves many important details out to appear as though everything has been done to support Troy and his staff and they are still unwilling to cooperate. This is not true!

We all know that coaches were cleared through the district for any wrong doing. We also understand that the coaches in question do not have any disciplinary notes or actions on file. After all of this was understood by Troy, he was then instructed that all his coaches must go through re-hire process and he and they all agreed to do so.

All his coaches applied immediately for re-hire, awaiting a formal interview. Troy also had to present an action plan on how the program would proceed with supervision, which he did with parents, players, admin and district. Interviews were set for the following Friday.

Troy was then told a day before the interviews school officials that multiple named coaches would not be eligible for re-hire, which Superintendent Patrick Sweeney confirmed the following day.

Troy resigned for the simple reason that it is unjust to fire or not rehire public servants who have given 15-plus years to Napa High to be thrown out like garbage to satisfy “public perception.” He asked many times for a reason these coaches were not eligible because, as you all know, if anyone disrespects the program, they are done.

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However, never, not once, has Principal Annie Petrie, Sweeney or anyone from board has ever given a reason other than “public perception.” It has been implied to parents and athletes there are reasons that cannot be discussed with them because of confidentiality, which we all understand.

However, the district has been asked to sit down face to face with any coaches deemed ineligible for rehire to explain the issues, and still they have not been given an answer from anyone. Isn’t it logical when you decide not to rehire someone at such a high cost to the football program to at least be man enough to tell the individuals involved why? So if it can’t be discussed with parents and players because of confidentiality, shouldn’t the actual coach be clued in to what it is they did?

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Troy has had numerous conversations and a meeting with the principal to come to some common ground so the coaches would re-apply and continue as business as usual to heal and rebuild his football family/program. As a compromise, Troy offered to put any or every coach on contract and to terminate them immediately for violation of this contract, role modeling the district’s restorative practices. He offered to sit with administrators, district and board with the coaches in question to discuss the gravity of the situation and any issues they had to come to a solution that all could live with, but this was also rejected.

You may think these 25 men are replaceable, but I am here to tell you it will be a decade or more before Napa High is ever lucky enough to have a staff who cares for your kids more than them. They begin preparation for the following year just a week after the football season ends, not the following July. These men fundraise over $35,000 a year outside of any boosters or the district help to ensure the athletes are safe and protected with the best equipment money can buy.

Every one of them gives between 500 and 1,500 hours a year because they love their kids. Many of them either do not get paid or donate back the pennies per hour they are given as a stipend back to the program and you, Mr. Sweeney, Mr. Morrison, Mr. Holiday, Mrs. Petrie and the board, don’t want them back.

Shame on all of you for putting public perception ahead of actual people. My husband was born and raised in Napa and I will no longer let Annie Petrie speak on his behalf to his community. I know that Troy would do just about anything to get all his coaches rehired, but he will not leave any coach behind.

Bonnie Mott


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