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In response to Linda Bolin’s article of April 25, titled “find another hobby,” I would just like to say, I paint for a hobby, and this march, Linda, was no hobby.

I and, I believe, many other millions of women around the globe, marched due to a visceral, spontaneous reaction to the inauguration of someone we see as a sexual predator. This was not about “Losing An Election” as Ms. Bolin posited. If it were, why, only this time, did one see a huge outpouring of women in the streets?

Yes, for some, other issues like continued access to legal abortion (which actually may be threatened) or immigration rights, may have played a part in why they marched, but the unifying message was “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore.” Not mad at losing an election, but mad that a man, regardless of party, had been elected who demeaned, objectified, and joked about sexually assaulting women. Some of us, apparently, didn’t get the joke.

Sometimes, people feel a call to show up, stand up and be counted. That’s what the march was about to me. It was not an event to ridicule, but celebrate. Looking out at all those pink pussy hats, I had to smile. What a great way to tell Trump what they thought of his bragging about grabbing any pussy he wanted.

To me, it was awe-inspiring to see women coming together saying “It’s not okay to sexually harass us, anywhere, anytime; we have to have power, power in numbers.” To be honest, the spectacle took my breath away and brought me to tears.

I regret you missed it, Linda. At least we got your attention – and that of the world. It’s a start.

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Ellen Vinci